Japan business chiefs vow to push for higher pay


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Japan business chiefs vow to push for higher pay....for themselves.....their fixed it....

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How about think of your staff first before yourselves.

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The remarks came as Japan's major companies raised their wages by 3.99 percent on average last year, the biggest increase in 31 years.

Seriously? It should be 3-5% every year.

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Seriously? It should be 3-5% every year.

That would mean your average Eikaiwa teacher should be making 606,850 yen a month. (based on a 250K salary in 1990) I dunno. Sounds a bit overpriced.

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Everyone should understand Japan's economy is shrinking. For 2022 GDP officially $4.2 trillion.

Keep in mind over half Govt. budget's simply servicing existing enormous debt or borrowing more money = deficit financing, or over 10% of official GDP.

It's worse for 2023 with more borrowing and greater servicing requirements, PLUS the Yen depreciation, today about 144, was about 130 the end of 2022.

So real economy for 2023, backing out +10% for Govt. debt servicing and borrowing and +10% for currency, probably closer to $3.5 trillion today if we're honest.

Increasing wages = 'heavy' lift if you believe above #'s. Might get a 'bump', but on a yen inflation adjusted basis wages are set to shrink just like broader economy.

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I understand wages in South Korea are now higher. How far we have fallen.

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Well, Fujitsu had better have a big cash reserve for the claims that will come against it from the UK against it' Horizon software, before it starts paying higher Salaries in Japan.

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