Japan business confidence hits highest level since 2018


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If business confidence is up then companies should raise wages!

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Good news! Good to see things are beginning to bounce back.

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"We think GDP will be back at pre-virus levels by the end of this year, and back at its pre-virus path before the end of 2022."

At the "pre-virus levels", as in: when things started to go downwards because of an ill-advised raise in VAT a few months earlier? (A trend which was diligently retconned by some media as linked to a virus which would actually start to become an issue at a later point in time...)

Due to the pandemic things have crashed and burned and we are pretty much close to the bottom of the well. But even if we manage to climb up a few inches, we still remain in a well. So, at the current stage, not that much sunshine to look forward to. Still, I will concede that climbing up as much as even a few inches is a nice feeling.

But for the time being I will keep my optimism restrained. I don't want Tankan short-sightedness, Olympicnomics, Suganomics and cross-my-heart-hope-to-die-promises from politicians. I want a positive impact on my salary-sheet, my bonus, my tax-filing, my social expenses and/or pension entitlements. (And yes, this makes me an egoistic douche, I know.)

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Japan business confidence hits highest level since 2018 Does this mean longer working hours and less wages?

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Great, from tomorrow I’ll pay everything not with more money but with that much bigger confidence at the supermarket’s cash registry. lol

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Confidence among major Japanese manufacturers has hit its highest level since 2018, a key business survey showed Thursday, as they bet on a strong post-pandemic recovery despite some setbacks.

Why shouldn't Japanese business be confident? They have been coddled by the government through this pandemic. Subsidies sourced from a public enduring non-stop taxation through job loss and negative income have cushioned economic shocks. Socializing the losses while privatizing profits is about the the best economic model you could come up with, which is why so many countries follow this model.

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Okay, maybe. But they can only take pent-up demand so far, and then it's back to prolonged deflation.

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