Japan's business confidence hits three-year high: BOJ


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Thanks Mr. Abe!

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Abe's spin machine is already at work. Koike really beat him badly and this "Tankan" report is just smoke.

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That's bullocks Sam Watters! Abe-san knows economic expansion policy like the back of his hand. It is time to look in the mirror and ask yourself "am I better off today than I was 4 1/2 years ago?" and the answer is absolutely YES!

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@Reckless. I have and so have others. I think the verdict will be passed by other posters on this site later in the day.

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Abe-san knows economic expansion policy like the back of his hand

That would explain the lack of expansion then.

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I will pray for Mr. Abe today at Yasukuni. He must succeed.

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no I am not better off and don't see myself being better off that is

why I have started to search for greener pasture.

Apart from a few big companies and mostly foreign companies

the boost in confidence has not translated to a rise in good paying jobs

all I see are jobs for 800 to 900yen range and I have a family to feed, pay medical insurance

pension and car taxes etc, Please tell me how that makes me better off.

All I see is lack of administrative control and the manpower companies taking full advantage

and exploiting with slave wages. Tell me how a job from 10pm to 6am at 1250yen/per hour

without transport and I have to put fuel and drive 20kms one way to work everyday leaves

me any better than I was 4 years ago?

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The Japanese people have seen no benefits. Abenomics is a big joke with money printing endangering the financial future of the nation. Abe knows nothing of economics as he's too focused on his family legacy, Constitional revision. The bigger the mountain, the deeper the valley.

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Detecting some hardcore sarcasm from Mr Reckless above.

"am I better off today than I was 4 1/2 years ago?"

But assuming I can't read sarcasm (which is often the case here), and only because swearing is banned, I will answer with a resounding 'Hell NO!'

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Just to add - that's even more of a 'no' from a foreigner's perspective. Things are slowly heating up here rather than problems being fixed.

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I will pray for Mr. Abe today at Yasukuni. He must succeed

Did he suddenly die in a fight or how come you pray for him at Yasukuni? :)

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Again with the 2020 BS.

I wonder if the people polled have been informed about Toshiba, Olympus, Takata, etc. etc.

Apparently the rampant fraudulent accounting does not affect people's confidence in Japanese business.

So be it - as long as we're happy when our company runs out of money because of fake accounting, right?

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".....all I see are jobs for 800 to 900yen range"

So blame the private sector, they're the ones who decided on those numbers, and they're also raking in record profits. The government is not paying the wages of combini clerks.

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