Japan business confidence improves again after virus plunge

By Kazuhiro NOGI

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"Japan was struggling with the effects of natural disasters and a hike in consumption tax even before the pandemic crippled the global economy."

Interesting that the AFP omits the trade war. I wonder why.

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I would have more confidence to if someone gave me 73 trillion yen.

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Japan has been suffering from a protracted slowdown for 30 years-it has an aging population which means year on year that Japan’s economy will contract.

Anyone thinking that stocks are part of the real economy should see just how far the Japanese have become poorer-take a walk around any high street...

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It's not just me? This is a feel good article for the 5% of people with money. Yesterday bonuses were reduced, people on part time contracts getting little if nothing! Buisness confidence is up on the back of tax payers, everyone else is going backwards. Why do the population suffer with a sence of pride?

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That confidence is only self-printed on banknotes and has nothing to do with the real economy.

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The latest reading comes after the government last week approved more than $700 billion in fresh stimulus to fund projects from anti-coronavirus measures to green tech, the country's third such package this financial year.

"The sharp rebound in the Q4 Tankan supports our view that Japan's economy will rebound relatively swiftly from the dislocation caused by the pandemic," said Tom Learmouth, Economist at Capital Economics in a commentary.

Yes the stock market is up and trillions in stimulus money are being pumped into businesses and financial markets yet find people on the street who reflect this confidence?

A "K" shaped progress in this pandemic period is the reality. More so than in other depressions, as market indicators advance and workers and small businesses are crushed and discarded the gross systemic abuse of 99 percent of the population is exposed.

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Don't worry everyone, this is hardly a good news story.

"Japan business confidence improves again after virus plunge" - of course. That was a massive shock, and it was several months ago now. It's only natural that businesses are looking forward now knowing that vaccine development is months advanced, and 2021 is hardly going to be as bad a year as 2020 was.

 reading of minus 10 

See, it's still a minus reading, no one says it's great - just less bad.

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Japan past 30 years=Lost decades.

What does that mean?

Japan was doing so well financially during the 70s,80s. Focus only on it's economy, and pacifism, on becoming a rich country.

What happened?

All the predictions showed that Japan will become #1 economy in the World, surpassing America.

USA did not like that answer, did not like Japan's economic rise so fast and so strong, did not want to be #2 to Japan, Never.

USA said, you have to sign Plaza Accord, we defend you militarily, you lost the war, we protect you! You don't have a choice Japan!

The truth will always be inconvenient because of our relationship with USA.

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Japan business confidence improves again after virus plunge

Have you walked through central Tokyo lately? Workers do not look so happy and optimistic about the future.

Seems like everybody now eats their lunch at convenience stores and there are a-lot of empty buildings with no tenants. This story is not believable.

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USA said, you have to sign Plaza Accord, we defend you militarily, you lost the war, we protect you! You don't have a choice Japan!

Did you forget the part that the U.S. said we will open our market wide open and you are welcome

to sell as much as you want, you can even sell cheaper than in your home country. You can bring in thousands of cars and on your return you can load a few bags of grains and take home.

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