Japan business confidence recovers slightly after pandemic plunge

By Philip FONG

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That’s great Japan business confidence has recovered slightly after the pandemic. I’m forecasting it might dip again slightly as we enterthe next two weeks of cooler weather. Especially if there is a touch of rain. Because rain can bruise both consumer confidence and business confidence. Especially if that confidence doesn’t have an umbrella. And then I see Japan business confidence doing one or two things. It might dip again slightly, then rise again slightly, then dip again slightly. Or, in the colder Winter months, Japan business confidence might dip more deeply, offsetting the slight bump or rise in Japan business confidence that is being reported here today.

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Confidence in what? TSE went down and no transparency in reporting. As reported on TV news last night it seems that their redundancy back up failed. Probably didn't even test it. Invest away!

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I stand corrected. Nikkei article said that they did test. Testing redundancy should be periodic, so the next question is how often have they tested for contingency? Either way, confidence can't be that high now.

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The calm before the storm.

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The old chicken-counting adage comes to mind when reading about confidence recovering: this pandemic is far from done and a Covid winter could mean a very cold shower beyond imagination costing the livelihoods and lives of many more people.

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It is far too soon to talk of a recovery...

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@dbsaiya: How is the Tankan forecast connected to a technical fault at TSE? I fail to see the connection .

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