Japan business mood hits nearly 6-year high

By Leika Kihara

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Who cares what the "Japanese manufacturers’" feelings are? Have you actually asked the "sentiment" of the people that have to pay the extra tax?

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High until April, expecting people to "rush" on big purchases, $$$. It's a good time to buy anything on the stock market and cash it in just before April next year.

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Another government propaganda fueled by Japan Today; the government mouth piece.

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Yes of course, people are buying everything they can now until the tax rises and Abe claims it's all "working" After April Japan is so totally screwed.

gogogo couldn't agree more. Abe only cares about the companies and businesses. The little people are most defintely not on his agenda. They will just gaman and shoganai themselves as per usual.

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Sounds like the sentiment of the manufacturers who have already moved most of their operations outside of Japan. The increase in the consumption tax will be the excuse they need to move even more. Those smaller operations who can't afford to leave proabably have much different feelings.

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Which businesses? The huge corporations only! This will cause many of the medium sized and smaller businesses to fold because they are not eligible for his crony tax cuts. I have no doubt this sales tax hike will result in nearly doubling the unemployment rate and increasing poverty. Abenomics should be called cocainomics cos there'll be a quick high and then will fall flat on its face!

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Enjoy the big boom rush of retail sales and commodity consumption while it last... Because - once the tax hike kicks in... hundreds if not thousands mid-size to small-size scale businesses will be forced to fold and shut down when consumers start their short arms with deep pockets all over again.

GDP will sharply fall (again!!) and then what??? Where is Abe-mania going to run after next? And when the 2020 Olympics are in town... How is Japan planning to implement the needs of many when supply and demand is at its lowest index levels???

Real smart move there Mr. Abe - a true winning lottery ticket !?! We will all witness "doom day" at its finest !!

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He has to increase the slaes tax in order to keep borrowing costs down. That's what happens when you're in massive debt, which is really ballooning under the LDP of course. The only boons of currency manipulation are for those jmporting profits back in yen. Before a large tax increase, people naturally buy items before they get more expensive, so there will be a short-term lift from this policy. Some wealthy Japanese have more income through increased bonuses (again the result of currency manipulation), but the rest of us face rising prices for basic commodities, especially for foods and fuel, so have no more money to spend. Abenomics will start to crash next year when taxes increase, inflation sets in, and wage increases don't happen. It is impossible to increase domestic spending in the long-term if people have less money to spend.

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Nice media cheerleading. .. I wish they would exempt offer and other precious necessities. It wouldn't be so bad if food cost here what it does in Hong Kong Singapore or even S Korea.

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Why wouldn,t the big business manufacturers cheer?..They are the ones getting tax cuts, incentives and benefiting from the weak yen. The Naoki average meantime gets screwed more. Saxon and others above have already said it a few months time sentiment and spending will turn and Abenomics will start crashing. We will then start hearing about how "regrettable " it all is. Shouganai na...

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Abe isn't interested in the better good of the Japanese people. If he were, he wouldn't be so keen to make Japan join the TPP either. Instead, he's making the unpopular changes happen which big business wants whilst no doubt lining his pockets. Shameful, really.

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Disgraceful decision. Good job for abe that the japanese are so apathetic about everything. There will be no complaints or protests form the japanese people as they are so well controlled by the elite. What happens after April?? Bloodbath for the japanese economy.

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America's banks have spoken. The tax will definitely go up.

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How would kowtowing to foreigners, which is what free-trade is, help Japan?

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