Japan businesses hope for revival of COVID-hit economy under new PM


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Don't enact vaccine passports and exclude 30/40% of the public then durrr

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Want to revive businesses?

Declare freedom and liberty (and the end of subsidies for special interest groups and the like)

"dozens of trillions of yen"

It reminds me of Dr Evil.

But the juxtaposition of dozens with trillions is nice.

Did he actually say “dozens” in Japanese, I wonder.

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"I hope Kishida will work to resolve issues such as the revitalization of social and economic activities...with a strong cabinet and party executive lineup," the head of Japan's most influential business lobby, also known as Keidanren, said in a release.

Keidanren and the LDP will not address the fact of a K-shaped recovery. One cohort has benefited from subsidies and strong financial markets and growing savings. Another has struggled through precarious working situations and drained savings.

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Japan needs to consider two things. First, how to alleviate hospital capacity. There are many tools now.

Second, it’s approach to COVID. It is evident by now Japanese withstand COVID quite well. Policies should reflect that the threat level is similar to the flu, not the Black Plague.

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I don’t see such a substantial or long term revival so soon. Corona costs have to be paid, higher prices for energy or food are acute and in the news, maybe soon taxes also have to be raised to stem all this and more in midterm, like welfare, pension system, education and digitalization efforts, climate change countermeasures etc. Yes, now some will hastily go more drinking, eating or on some short trips, when the restrictions fall, but that’s not holding forever and even faster empties the starving average purses.

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I wouldn't hold my breathe!

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