Japan car sales up for 1st time in 15 months as parts crunch eases


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as production picked up after a parts shortage caused by Shanghai's COVID-19 lockdown eased.

THIS is the troubling statement.

WHY is Japan dependent upon China ?

Surely, Japan needs to make itself independent from outside influences, just like Europe should have done, with it's dependence upon Gas from Russia... and look where that got them.

MIIMYBY (Make It In My Back Yard!) should become the Slogan for the future, everywhere.

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OK, admitted, you soon might need a car to carry the tons of money for paying those exorbitant inflation prices.

Sven, a wheelbarrow or two will suffice.

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Fact, Car hire companies sold of most of vehicles due to the government closing borders. Now they have no cars for the expected inflow of business, relative and tourist. So will they restock. Very brave management that don’t restock or plan stupid

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Not only cars but parts too.

Have to wait 3 weeks for a car part to come and be fitted!

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Positive news.

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I would think exports of all kinds would be up. A cheap yen is good for something.

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That’s surely only a temporary and limited increase. From now on, everyone will spend the few remaining money for the higher priced supermarket goods and energy bills. OK, admitted, you soon might need a car to carry the tons of money for paying those exorbitant inflation prices.

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Hire car companies are restocking preparing for border opening 

How many inbound tourists hire cars? Some skiers do, and people going to Okinawa, but not many others. It's actually a very good idea if you are visiting inaka. But most folks are on the "golden route" (Tokyo - Kyoto etc. along the Tokaido shinkansen), so they do not want or need a car.

Back to the story, but this is good news for the economy. However, during the pandemic we have had lots of really bad climate news. Regardless of our own individual wants and needs for transport, my own included, more conventional cars doesn't sound like what the planet needs.

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Imagine if there were no "parts crunch" and consumers could buy as many cars as they wanted at market prices, and the economy would be way better than it is now.

Thanks, China.

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Hire car companies are restocking preparing for border opening plus the local government assistance for Locals to spend up is the cause of the rise I assume

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