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Japanese companies should make quick decisions: Thai PM


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Making quick decisions are not part of most major Japanese corporation’s modus operandi.

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Japanese companies should make quick decisions: Thai PM


Might as well wish for heaven to appear on earth too eh!

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He doesn't know the Japanese very well does he?

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Japanese making quick decision, sucking teeth.



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Don’t make hasty decisions thinking you might miss the bus. It would take years before EV cars replace conventional or hybrid cars. Thai people ought to be cautious. Chinese EV’s have a tendency to start burning.

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Slow and steady wins the race. Toyota's plans for a big range of all-EV vehicles is ticking along nicely. Hopefully some will be manufactured in Thailand by 2030 - taking advantage of the cheap overheads in Thailand.

Chinese carmakers have seen their share in the Thai EV market reach nearly 80 percent of late, according to a local bank research.

A large quantity is no substitute for quality.

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Considering what has to be done, Japanese companies do make quick decisions. There are reports to be written, meetings to be held, the minutes of meetings faxed to the various departments, those faxes discussed in meetings, more reports written, more meetings, more faxes, yet more meetings, more reports and more faxes. Protocol must be observed.


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Thank you for this meeting.

Let's have another meeting.

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Japanese companies do make quick decisions: they decide they need another meeting. Always the same decision. Endless.

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Smart but Toyota has repeatedly emphasized hybrids. This may be where a new technology allows newcomers to leapfrog old players.

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When Japanese make quick decisives: My Number is a great example of what can happen.

Any new technology such as EVs, the development process needs to be handled slowely with care to avoid an unforseen issues. Time needs to be taken.

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Note on above not decisives, decisions.

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Another big difference is the Chinese government is forcing the shift to EV so Chinese companies have a clear incentive to invest.

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Japanese companies should make quick decisions: Thai PM

Haha. I like the Thai PM. He got jokes.

What else should they do? Give employees raises?

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Slow and steady wins the race. Toyota's plans for a big range of all-EV vehicles is ticking along nicely.

yes and all ev are tanking in major markets. Toyota made the right call.


Elon Musk dismissed hybrid vehicles as a ‘phase’ while Toyota doubled down on them. Now they’re a ‘smoking-hot market’ as EV demand chills



But making good decisions are most major Japanese corporation’s modus operandi.

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Discussion & Inkan...send to the assistant manager, Discussion & Inkan. Send to the manager. Discussion & Inkan. Send it to section supervisor. Discussion Inkan. And on and on and on we go. Right to CEO

Weeks later.

The decision came back. Gomen na. You may not buy quality toilet paper at Cosmos.

Please stay with current brown paper format and the bidet.

This happened ! The Japanese wrote the book on micro management.

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The Japanese wrote the book on micro management.

And they also wrote the book on how to make money.

-6 ( +3 / -9 )

@bertie w, steady on sir your jumping the gun here, your rushing past the hanko stamper, all of these documents need to be hankoed,

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EVs are Betamax. And hankos/meetings take time. God forbid they put one person in charge of making decisions.

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"You are not alone in the world of course. While the others are making quick decisions,"

A little context.

Given to us this time by The Bangkok Post. That told us today that Kishida and Thavisin agreed to launch a dialog over the “next-generation auto industry” in order to “address energy and climate change issues.” The Post tells us that the dialog aims to “maintain the industrial competitiveness of Thailand, a major manufacturing base for Japanese automakers, in producing and exporting next-generation cars.

Srettha also held talks yesterday with the Chair of Japan’s External Trade Organization (Jetro), during which time he praised Jetro for strengthening trade and investment ties, and it’s efforts “to spread information regarding Thailand’s investment promotion policy to Japanese investors, which helps attract many businesspeople [sic] to invest.” Jetro's Chair, in turn, said it is ready to further boost trade and investment, “in open innovation and human resources development.

Sretta also invited Japanese business to invest in Thailand’s Land Bridge port megaproject, due for completion in ten years.

Thus many invitations were extended to Japanese business to make "quick decisions."



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OMGoodness, the people who wrote dream on regarding Japanese businesses to make decisions on a faster are people who live here in Japan like me. It is not in the Japanese individual's makeup full-stop to make a decision quickly and I don't think it ever will be. Those who gave a thumbs down to those comments clearly don't live in Japan and do not understand the Japanese culture.

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