Japan considers issuing 50-year bonds to support yields

By Tetsushi Kajimoto and Leika Kihara

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The photocopiers and roads to no where are not working fast enough anymore...

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In one sense it is leaving our current debt not to grandkids but now great grandkids. On the other hand, the great grandkids will inherit a country with well-developed infrastructure and public health that they did not have to pay for, so I am not sure it is necessarily bad.

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Why not 500 years, Japan’s government will never start paying its debts down.

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Well... given the 10% rise in Tax for a Home Mortgage, being able to push it out further than 30 Year will at least keep the payments more manageable, and at the same time sort out some Inheritance issues.

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Are there still people these days who buy govt or other investment grade bonds as a productive investment?

I assumed the market consists of the BOJ, businesess that earn yen in international trade and need somewhere to park surplus cash, and investors seeking temporary save havens.

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The developed countries have a ponzi scheme in pensions and still have not figured out how to deal with the demographic cliff.

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