Japan consumer inflation slows to 2.9% in October


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Thanks, Abenomics!

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Wages have shrunk and with the tax increase.

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Abe-San...!!! I told you so. See, to believe - right!? Now what!? You just going to leave and dissolve the party......???? What a great plan....

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Inflation is only good for the 1%. It makes the value of their loans smaller relative to costs. Doesn't help anyone else.

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There'll be a lot of negativity here of course, but considering the importance export has to Japan, and needing to support the companies that will now sell more overseas (Panasonic, Sharp, Toyota). Now these companies will sell more, not be in the red and will actually pay taxes. I know my company is expanding and set to hire 2-3 new people. Hopefully it will work out better this way.

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Why will companies (Panasonic, Sharp and Toyota) sell more overseas? Just because? In 2011 Panasonic posted a loss of hundreds of billions of yen. Sharp isn't doing so hot and everytime I go back to the states, I rarely, if EVER see any Japanese brand electronics anywhere. Homes or hotels or business. Cars maybe? as long as the airbags aren't exploding and killing people though I derp? hur hur hur.

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It's simple. There have been no exemptions, benefits / subsidies or wage increases to complement the tax hike. People therefore have less money.

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The figures are only as reliable as those who conjure them. I don't know what "basket of goods" they based this figure on(no source cited), but it doesn't resemble any basket I've seen. Ever.

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After various financial reports were released showing bad Abenomics, Finance Minister Taro Aso on Friday reportedly said there is nothing to worry about because "Japan is escaping deflation because of rising prices." Don't know how he and Abe can continue praising the benefits of Abenomics when nothing good continues to happen with Japan's economy.

Wonder if the Japanese voters are following all of this because they should be handing in their verdict on Abenomics in the upcoming lower house elections on Dec. 14. Can't see how anyone in their right mind will praise Abenomics at the ballot box.

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Prices rose from year-earlier levels largely because the government raised sales tax from 5% to 8% on April 1, which drove up retail prices.

This is something supporters of the tax hike ignore, or blow off...inflation has to be market driven, not enforced by government fiat.

The consumption tax only makes deflation that much more difficult to combat (if not impossible). People have no incentive to spend more money on discretionary goods or services. Companies' ability to give pay rises is diminished as their costs are higher.

The BOJ and the government aren't helping the economy, only weighing it down with their own, unique version of Voodoo Economics.

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Actually there is no inflation in Japanese economy in this moment. Published inflation data (2.9%) is fully wrong. It is true that the price of everything has been increased. But this the result of increased sales tax and the cheapest yen. It is not actual inflation. What is actual inflation? The answer is: If consumers income increase, then demand increases. When demand increases, then automatically price increases. This is the real inflation. So, inflation related with consumers income and demand. But it is true that nobody`s income increased except some large company workers like Toyota. Common people are struggling with their income and market prices. So, there is no actual inflation in Japanese economy now.

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