Japan cosmetics firm Kanebo seeks to promote 'J-beauty' to world


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Japanese-style natural makeup


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Anytime a Japanese CEO tries to export some product based on some unique aspect of Japan, it usually fails miserably, much like the billions of yen they spent on Cool Japan.

If they would just sell their products with humility, they end up doing a better job.

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"Japanese" aspect that puts emphasis on natural looks..."

Like the coppery colored permed hair that has been all the rage in Japan for so long? Give me "K-Beauty" any day.

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Very good decision to stop the tupperware and amway style sales and to streamline the product range. Cosmetic sales is all about marketing, not quality.

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I like K-Beauty (Korean style makeup) more. K-surgery aside, it's more natural looking. They favor the lighter BB cream instead of a full-blown foundation.

I notice that many or some Japanese likes to wear fake lashes, a ton of blush-on, and hair bangs. Not a fan of that.

Although lately there have been some improvements like long wavy hairs without bangs.

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I hope it doesn't include chapatsu - really cheap and nasty looking.

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