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Japan diversifying seafood export destinations after China ban


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should also diversify seafood imports from china. it’s hundreds of billions of yen per year.

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So easy to fall into the "China trap" of sending most of your exports there with 1.4 billion consumers in one market. But if they ban you the damage can be extensive. The old saying of "dont put all your eggs in one basket" applies here. Diversify and keep your industry more secure. Dont go back to sending the bulk to China even after it lifts it ban. China will not be able to get all it wants and all it used to get and so may learn a valuable lesson. Do not ban trade with partners, because in the end it is China that will lose out.

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Now you have got the totals up to the same as before when China comes knocking down the track wanting seafood from here please tell them where they can go.

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Despite the challenges, Japan's seafood industry has shown resilience. In 2023, the country achieved a record 1.45 trillion yen in agriculture, fisheries, and forestry exports,

Can we stick only in Fisheries please?


"Our sales were slashed by half,"

Asking people outside Japan to eat Japanese fisheries product with premium price? They'll need luck.


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Must be thirsty work sampling the scallops on offer - for the group of 6 people seated here, I've counted approx. 32 glasses on their table; maybe they're trying to get them drunk before plying them with the delicious seafood......

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I'm a little conflicted....could the downturn be a respite for fish stocks ?

And google "fake scallops "...since when did scallops need "processing "?

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China(s conniptions have led to much on-shoring and near-shoring in the US, with Mexico a primary beneficiary of the latter. American producers and consumers have realized China just isn't worth the diminishing savings. China's demographics don't help either. And once the switch is made, it is likely to be permanent.

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China (CCP) is not a good place to do business. As attractive as the market may be, the civilized world must decouple from it.

9 ( +14 / -5 )

Somebody must've misconstrued the instructions. Probably said ban all fish that's coming from the affected areas, but I guess they went with a blanket ban, since somebody didn't listened.

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I wont lift my china ban though.

Last time I tried to fry some onions from china bought at Gyomu Super in 2 minutes my frypan was full of "water" that came out from the onions.

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What will it take to make China lift it's ban?

This is what needs to be resolved.

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First thing Japan needs is to show the world that the people here in Japan are themselves confident of the seafoods' safety.

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Excellent news. This is exactly what needs to happen.

China under Xi cannot be trusted in any way, so all countries must recognize it as the lost cause that it is, and move on to other markets. Countries like Australia in particular have done very well in this regard.

The pro-CCP apologists will regurgitate their usual "you can't ignore a market of 1.4 billion people" line, and my answer will be as it always is:

A market of 1.4 billion people is worth the same as a market of zero people if the Emperor can, and regularly does, cut off access on a whim.

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When I buy seafood at my local Japanese supermarket, I always check the label to make sure I don't buy anything from Japan.

Fortunately, they stock Bluefin from Spain, Uni from California, Nori from Korea, etc.

-12 ( +1 / -13 )

I'm a little conflicted....could the downturn be a respite for fish stocks ?

If the scallops went to China, presumably that's a shorter refridgerated airfreight journey for the Japanese taxpayer to fund rather than them going to Brazil. I'd love to go to Brazil, but I took one look at the airfare and then gave up on going.

A good chunk of Japanese seafood and fruit like strawberries is airfreighted at public expense. The environmental impact of this, on top of overfishing, is anyone's guess.

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Some of us have been pleading all along for Japan to diversity her trade - and in particular divest from unreliable Communist China.

"To our surprise, many countries were ready to embrace our seafood and grateful for being introduced to such exquisite flavors," 

It's no surprise. Anyone who has sampled Japanese seafood will know the amazing quality and burst of flavour with each bite. It's a surprise the bosses of Japanese seafood businesses have taken this long to realize the world is hungry for their produce! China is not needed.

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MarkToday 09:35 am JST

What will it take to make China lift it's ban?

China to actually abide by the WTO rules it signed up to, and start behaving like a reasonable country.

I won't hold my breath.

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China in turn has had to look for alternative sources to make up for the shortfall in supply.

Seafood trade with Russia increased as a result

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Russia also temporarily banned seafood from Japan although volume is far modest compared to China

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Samit BasuToday  10:02 am JST

When I buy seafood at my local Japanese supermarket, I always check the label to make sure I don't buy anything from Japan.

That's ok. We don't buy anything from South Korea either. If there were any.

-1 ( +5 / -6 )

Samit Basu

Today 10:02 am JST

When I buy seafood at my local Japanese supermarket, I always check the label to make sure I don't buy anything from Japan.

I buy mostly salmon from Norway.

But sometimes I buy sashimi and go out for sushi

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Crabs too

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Better than smoking I guess

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Nah, Russia doesn’t matter so it’s not an issue to leave them out of the equation. Too many sanctions - they’re toxic.

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Japan diversifying seafood export destinations after China ban

Not just because of "China ban" -dont forget about Russia,ROK etc...this problem is much more complex-one

Even without the fully deserved, crippling sanctions on fascist Russia - the successor to Nazi Germany - Russian people do not deserve top quality Japanese seafood and produce. It should go to freedom-loving, good people.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

All industries should be diversifying away from China. Been saying this for the last 30 years.

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and then the export to Cambodia skyrocket to several fold, put Made in Cambodia brand, and export to China again. Come on everybody know this route, it is a trick commies use to cheat its innocent people

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The price for Fukushima scallops in America is unchanged. It is $26 a pound or higher in retail markets.

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