Japan's exports fall for 10th straight month in September


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It is so much easier to blame another country for your own problems.

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It appears to me that Japan is stuck in a financial rut, and does not want to make a dramatic change to improve the situation, may be some of it is down to the "old boy" net work, who don't want to change, its about time we had some fresh blood with new ideas and a forward way of thinking to move Japan out of this endless cycle of stagnation.

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So, tell me again how the trade deal between the US and Japan lifting tariffs is going to have a large impact on Japan’s GDP.

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So much winning with the Abenomic miracle. Getting tired of too much winning.

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Meanwhile, a dispute between Japan and South Korea over exports of certain high-tech goods has added to uncertainty.

Well, called it.

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Japan is always trading only with America & trump. This is no surprise to me.

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