Japan eyes preventing convenience store chains from forcing 24-hour operations


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I see no reason for some convenience stores to stay open for 24/7 anyway.

I would personally love to see convenience stores here join together with gas station operators and make things a hell of a lot more "convenient" too!

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Forcing? The entire meaning of convenience store is that it is convenient for the customer. Forcing? 24/7 is the business model. If they do stop the convenience of 24/7 operation, then it is not a convenience store anymore. It is just a regular small store like the rest of them. I want the convenience of going to the store to buy my pizza puff any time I want. Convenience store are expensive. They all make a lot of money. So what is this crying all about?

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This month, the industry ministry urged operators of Japan's eight major convenience store chains to formulate plans to address acute labor shortages that have been placing a burden on franchise store owners.

How is it the business of the convenience store chains to address the labor shortage?? Surely that is the responsibility of the government through immigration reform! Why is the burden being put on the convenience stores? Plus, its not just the convenience stores. SDF, Police, drivers, construction, health care workers, chain restaurants- practically EVERY industry in Japan is suffering labor shortages. This is something the gov has to address- NOT the private industry.

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I'll believe any change when it becomes reality and not bluster. After a few fat envelopes change hands all this talk will die down to the gov't bureaucrat oyajis sucking their teeth and saying "shoganai desu ne. We tried but things just have to stay as it is."

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Not open 24/7 no license.

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its not just the convenience stores. SDF, Police, drivers, construction, health care workers, chain restaurants- practically EVERY industry in Japan is suffering labor shortages

Aly, i am surprised u believe there is acute labor shortage. If repeatedly said it becomes true or fact.

Any business facing labor shortage is because it is paying low, it is just greed, companies are making massive profits and not paying well.

The reliance on job placement companies for labor has made the situation worst as they also take their cut and in most cases don't even pay transport despite the low pay. People are not moving jobs because almost all the jobs are low paying. Night pay is 25percent higher than day rate hence most people prefer night work and in most the night shift is even over staffed. Any business would have difficulties securing workers for 1200yen per hour for night shift.

The monthly pension paid by kokumin nenkin is 69,000yen so most people have no choice but work even into their seventies companies can make use of these oldies yet they don't and when they do they want to exploit and pay lower just because the over sixties have limited opportunities due to most companies shunning the over fifties.

Put up job advert for 1500yen an hour and you will be overwhelmed with applications.

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Ah boohoo! They're still crying they don't have enough employees? Close a few combinis then.

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If the corporate offices of Lawson, Family Mart, and 7-11 want to keep their franchised stores open 24-7, then how about you support the franchisees by sending your own employees to assist during the graveyard shifts? Heck, it might even be good training for the corporate staff to learn the ins-and-outs of their companies on the ground level.

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I think this is an awesome idea!!

Sometimes abusive practices by abusive monopolists must be reined in!!

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Sometimes abusive practices by abusive monopolists must be reined in!!

well lets not stop at convenience stores then , let target all those corrupt J Inc companies

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There any more jobs than the number of people in this country....

Nobody should be forced to do anything....everyone has a choice....

If you want to hire labor for your business, pay a premium to attract them, or else shut shop!

I am sure people wouldn't mind working odd hours if the pay justified it. JPY 750-1,150 is certainly not justified according to me for attracting talent to work odd hours!

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24/7 is in the contract, not a forcing.

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The labour shortage may eventually lead to real political change in Japan. Once business owners are faced with the harsh reality that they simply cannot make sufficient money and profits anymore due to their simply being not enough workers available, real pressure may come on politicians to do something about it or be booted out. The convenience stores may be the canaries in the coal mine. Not everything can be done by robots and 5 years visa holding foreigners.

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