Japanese fashion magnate Maezawa raises over $8 mil at Sotheby's auction

By Sam Nussey

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I'm curious to know what his net worth was at its peak. Seems that should have been included in the article.

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Although Zozotown is in a slump, it’s certainly not so far in the red that the CEO has to sell off his possessions.

Most likely his trophy girlfriend, Aya Ueto, is doing the J-wife thing and pinnching his “allowance.”

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Maezawa's girlfriend is not Ueto Aya but Goriki!

All that aside, I think this guy loves the press, and even if it looks bad on him,"I have no money so I have to sell some of my artwork" he loves people talking about him. Probably soon we will hear he has invested in some new project or something.

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According to Forbe's "real time" net worth he is worth $1.9B as of 5/17/19. And while most of that is probably stock in his company, if he really needed "cash"

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Looks like a smart business decision tripling his return on the painting.

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I got a free Zozosuit off his company. If I'm ever stuck at Halloween, I'll have something to wear!

(no I didn't buy a pair of jeans or stripey top off it, the only clothes they seemed to offer)

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Maezawa's girlfriend is not Ueto Aya but Goriki!

I stand corrected. Seems fitting however. Goriki is the budget-conscious director’s Ueto Aya.

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Never accessed the zozo website so basically don't know what the fashion is like, I guess not different from that in other fashion outlets.

Does anybody know how much it cost to list on zozotown. I am sure he is taken advantage of the Japanese just like rakuten anf alibaba and it very high.

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This guy is just an attention seeking egotist, who will do anything to get his face in the media

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This guy looks a bit like Actor Ryo Kase, just chubbier.

Most of the rich Japanese are really stupid, such as one female fan buying the whole concert and her favourite artist had to sing and dance only for her in the hall.

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People usually do not become rich by being stupid.....

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