Japanese firms growing pessimistic about economy amid U.S.-China spat


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@kuri: Taiwan has lots

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Given how dependent Japan is on imported oil, If oil prices increase, expect more economy related things to worry about.

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China make cheap stolen Japanese good, from stolen Japanese tech secret

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Yeah... it has nothing at all to do with the failure of Abenomics, guys... it's all China and the US' fault.

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Japanese firms have always been pessimistic, even in the years when they raked in record profits. It's not in their interest to express optimism or satisfaction.

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Of them, 26 percent picked a "slowdown in trade due to the spread of protectionism" as the underlying cause

Interesting. Japan and China have been practicing extreme protectionism for decades.

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TheLongTermer- you read my mind. They are concerned that the game is up finally.

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It has nothing to do with Japan’s own protectionist policies though, right?

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The failure of the Japanese economy has a lot to do with government policies and lack of growth!

The rising star that is China and the mighty purchasing power of the Chinese is something never explained to the Japanese population...

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