Japanese firms must address human rights in supply chains: UNDP director


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Meanwhile, Japan just paid Myanmar military junta with an exemption from US sanctions.

Japan does not give a damn about human rights like the US. Both US elites and Japanese elites are looking to comfortably retire outside of their countries once the West starts going down.

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Japanese companies need to do more in addressing human rights issues in their businesses as a failure to keep up with international ethical standards will be a serious risk to their operations in global markets, a U.N. Development Program director said.

Since when do Japanese companies companies follow ethical standards when dealing with their workers?

When certifying quality, safety and environmental measures for products?

This UN "Crisis Bureau" thinks that they will take into account the well-being of a random foreign minority?

It is late stage capitalism and there are many apologists in international bodies and online who want to take it as a given that lives be sacrificed for the corporate bottom line.

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The system by its very nature exploits, whether it is workers or nature. A few conciliatory advisories, even if they have a few blunted teeth, which I suspect they don't even have, will not change this fundamental fact. The raw system is about making people not give a damn about where their products come from or where they end up.

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"If companies do not tackle this issue in the right way, they could be shut out from the European and U.S. markets,"

GOOD! Only action will force the Japanese government to stop saying, "It's a domestic issue" when criticized for human rights abuses (especially of foreign workers), and then demanding action be taken around the world if the shoe is on the other foot or they don't like how another country's business affects them. I suspect first that Japan will try to be an exception from being excluded while still engaging in human rights abuses, but if they really do become excluded, and especially if other nations like South Korea and China are INcluded, they will start getting their act together a little more.

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Asking a country that literally works their employees to death - so much so, they invented a word for it - to address human rights seems laughable at this point.

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Maybe the UN can stop picking on Japan and actually have the guts to say something about a place where humans rights are violated on a daily basis.

Like china iphone factories.

They actually have bars and nets in their factory windows to prevent people from committing suicide by jumping out.

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If companies do not tackle this issue in the right way, they could be shut out from the European and U.S. markets

I don't think so. U.S. and Europe would not blacklist Japan. Japan is an ally.

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Japan replied,"Human what?".

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No, Japanese firms must nothing. The countries where you find all that , must. A company has just to sell its products or services for pleasing investors and paying wages to employees. Anything else is an illusion. A Japanese company can’t solve bad situations on a far away continent.

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