Japanese firms pick kanji for 'change' (変) to describe turbulent 2023


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The kanji character for "change" (変) was the top pick among Japanese firms to summarize 2023, a year that many saw as marked by turbulence, a research firm said.

Ask their workers and it would probably be "吝嗇" for their acquisitive stinginess.

Japan Inc. stands out even amongst the neo-liberal G-20 for this quality.

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I do think it is "変" that salaries are still relatively flat despite all the promoting.

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All still the same as before 2020, so...

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A bit too early. 2024 will be the year of hope and 2025 the year of change. It will feel good to have world peace back again, even if at least for 4 full years.

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The only thing that changed for Japan Inc is that they increased the prices on everything. "subterfuge" would be more appropriate.

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The weather was hen

The yen was hen

Prices in the shops were hen

Someone bombing children and claiming to be the victim was hen

That bloke with Twitter was hen

So yes, I think its a good choice.

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Heads up,Japan.

The only constant is change.

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Japanese firms pick kanji for 'change' (変) to describe turbulent 2023

soo…….what has changed now?

I mean other than the higher prices and lower worth of the yen to international currency?

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The character, picked by nearly 60 firms, was followed by ones for "patience" and "endurance,"

Patience and endurance. This would have been another call to the cultural instinct to passivity, where we just get to sit back, count the days to retirement, be expedient, take no risks, and watch the world sail by. Great if you are in your 50s and 60s, still talking about the bubble days, but not exactly the sort of concept that will inspire the nation as we come into the new year. The wheels need forward motion.

Glad they chose change, because it's active, actually happening at a blinding pace, and for those who can't or refuse to change they will fall behind, become a burden and a liability. It's game on.

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While Japan's inflation accelerated at a much slower pace than in the United States and Europe, its peak of 4.2 percent was a four-decade high, caused by surging fuel and raw material costs amid Russia's war against Ukraine.

And of course, it has nothing to do with the weak JPY engineered by the central bank...

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"Keep growing, keep learning, keep changing."

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Japan, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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On the other side of the world, the OUP named 'Rizz' the 2023 word of the year. It's short for charisma, apparently. Indeed, we live in a 変な world.

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Change is coming. But in a way we least expect.

The demand for "Native Japanese" in Job Adverts, is a Racial protectionist, first stage of that. But it's as a result of many foreigners having Kids here, who have gone through the Japanese Education System and are whom are now entering the Job Market.. though the timing is ill thought... those same Kids will have no Support / no place to live if their Parents have no Jobs.... food for thought.

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