Japanese firms to promote common infrastructure for cashless payments


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A cashless society is a thinly-veiled attempt to monitor, trace, and tax your money. Everything will be permanently recorded on a central database and is yet another loss of liberty and freedom to big business and their govt lackeys. Why do you think there's such a push for it in Japan? The amount of untaxed cash sitting in bedroom safes in Japan is staggering and the government wants it. Be careful what you wish for as you may not like it once you have it.

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@Dave Credit card cost you more as retailers need to increase their prices to afford to have the credit card companies take their slice of every POS purchase. Is it 3% of the sale that goes to the credit card company?

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This will do nothing as long as Osaifu Keitai is needed for most phones and payment systems.

Anyone without a phone bought from the big providers will still not be able to do anything

Japan wants to host the Olympics but any tourism used to using their phone to pay in most other developed countries cannot use it here.

Sure iPhone Apple pay can be made to work with some work around but seeing Android is by far the phone most used in the world this leave most users without a Japanese phone with Osaifu Keitai  out of luck.

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i can’t understand why anybody would want to carry around so many different points cards in their wallets, just so they can get themselves a free bar of soap or onigiri

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C A S H works fine, if they wont take my CASH i wont shop at their store they simply won't be getting my money.

I wouldn't want to see stores refuse cash. The elderly are more confident with cash unless the ore-ore calls sart again. But for many of us under 60's, we're sick of all those 1 and 5 yen coins, and fiddling about with change and heavy, bulging wallets.

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I dream of a common point card. I have almost 30 different point cards.

That's why I don't use any of them. No point in having one card for each shop. I'll stick to my credit card and Suica.

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For years I try and use a credit card for everything and have got thousands of dollars back, why would anyone not use a credit card and make money back?

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Its time to go cashless! Its very irritating at Cashier points when someone takes much time to pay the exact amount. note, coins including 1 Yen.

Especially obachan, ojichan!! Also young women and men.

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C A S H works fine, if they wont take my CASH i wont shop at their store they simply won't be getting my money.

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Why ? Isn't yen the official currency accepted nationally ? Bank card working fine. No need of anything else otherwise stuck in Japan.

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I worry this new cashless system is going to require more paperwork, more verification, more passwords and a new smartphone that will accept the new apps.

Don't get me wrong, I think its a good idea if there is another pandemic, the gov can send money out to everyone in a flash, but don't make me buy another smartphone or even force me to own a smartphone.

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That’s of no use without first a common infrastructure for cashless incomes. lol

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Meanwhile new entrants using Visa and Mastercard's infrastructure will run rings around them.

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Use cash. If your shopping budget is 10,000 yen and you have 10,000 yen cash in your pocket, you will stay within your budget easily.

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I dream of a common point card. I have almost 30 different point cards.

cash is fine...

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Shouldn't they be cooperating within a global body instead of a national one in the development of common standards?

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So let me get this.... Someone or someone's though that the only way out of having 500 different payment ways and an NFC system compatible only in Japan is to create a new payment method that probably will take years to integrate and even more time to adopt...???

Wow that's clever

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Japan going cashless is as likely as Japan completely giving up the hanko and pachinko. Good luck with that!

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