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Transport ministry inspects Honda, Mazda over improper vehicle certification


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Given the woeful state of the Japanese economy, along with the essential role of the car industry in propping up the sagging manufacturing sector, I don't expect the investigation to produce more than a few bows to the cameras.

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Japan Inc, where's the bow?

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I wonder if Toyoda will be at Le Mans this weekend? Might not be the best time to be strutting about...

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 improperly conducted between 2009 and 2017


-9 ( +3 / -12 )

Looks like transport ministry have no clue about regulations....

he transport ministry said it will consider changing regulations after examining the outcome of the inspections.

Rather that "after examining" it has to be "after carefully learning ..."

Eventually, they will peek in to EU and US regulations to consider changing

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So some bouchos didn't pay the bill at the last Ginza 'meeting-of-minds' I really thought these guys where above even that henious misdemeanor.

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No prison time?

No shock there.

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The biggest misconduct of the Japanese auto makers is sticking to combustion motors, instead of moving on to EVs.

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Many of the regulatory bureaucrats end up working for these same companies that they used to regulate. Amakudari - descending from heaven. They don't want to compromise their future employers after retirement.

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