Japan industrial output up, as recovery takes hold


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If indeed economy is doing so need for Y5 trillion stimulus (!)

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paving the way for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to approve a sales tax hike next April

Thought Abe had already approved the tax hike.

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That's all good - but still waiting for that salary rise.

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why is it cyclic? i dont understand, that too monthly cycles, which are so small duration..

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The biggest increases in outlays were for public transport, at 10%, and school fees, which jumped a whopping 55%. Purchases of bicycles doubled while vehicle purchases fell 15%.

I've never heard of an economic recovery based on the doubling of school fees, fewer cars and more bicycles before. Double the number of bicycles (that's not possible) and 15% fewer cars? Really? People increasingly can't afford to run cars and take more buses and trains. That's positive is it?

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Saxon Salute. I was thinking the same thing. If household spending went to public transport and school fees, that is not helping the retail economy at all. While buying bicycles is a good thing in many ways, it certainly does not indicate a recovering economy. It indicates the opposite. People cannot afford to drive a car.

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Let us hope that these foreign companies acquired by the Japanese don't become dumping grounds for near retirement Japanese executives or they'll kill growth both at domestic & international level.

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