Japan inflation ticks up; jobless rate 2.8% in October


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I'm tired of reading about this. It's never good news for the masses.

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Japan's economy has picked up in recent months largely thanks to revived demand for exports across the region.

So let me get this straight. The economy has picked up for big business exporters, but despite this financial gain - the average Taro does not see a yen.

In contrast, inflation is also up - which directs Taro directly, yet his wages stay stagnant.

On the other hand, his wife is working a part time job, albeit very low paid and with no job security or benefits. She has done a lot to prop up Japan's skewed jobless rate figures - but even that figure is now deteriorating and no amount of number fudging is able to hide it anymore.

She is also expected to raise children, to help the state recover from its economic recklessness.

Happy days.

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It's never good news for the masses.

That's true for the rest of the developed world. Welcome to the world of globalization and free trade, where manufacturing and tech are transferred to China and other cheap locations, with the profits split between them and the globalist elite in the developed world.

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It's so simple, why can't he politicians here work it out?

If my salary doesn't increase then I don't spend money which I haven't got but on a positive note, I'm looking to get into the adult diaper business-it's a winner!

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