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Inflation in Japan unchanged at 1% in October

By Behrouz Mehri

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@LDTM : the only ones scared of deflation is the Government. For you and me inflation is theft by the Government.

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As bad as you might think inflation is, the same percentage (in absolute values) of deflation is arguably worse. Inflation at least implies increased demand for currency - which is itself an indicator of a growing economy. The other, less known, implication of deflation is the rising real value of debt.

For example, if you borrow a nominal $100 today and assume that deflation is 10%, that same $100 in the future has greater purchasing ability than today. Ultimately, this means anyone who holds debt has to work harder to pay it off. Conversely, in an ‘inflating’ economy, the real value of debt falls.

Once you remember how much debt the GoJ holds, small wonder they want to inflate the yen. Go on, enjoy that bit of schadenfreude (I know I am)

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Never known any news website to put stories about inflation as their top story as this site does.

I do not even know what inflation is. Much less care if it has barely changed.

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Japan is a very humid country with some kind of nice and some very nice people, but it is in deep trouble.

Healthy economies don’t have toilet paper shortages. Venezuela has toilet paper shortages. Hospitals don’t hire one nurse for the night shift and let patients die to save money.

Why would any country want inflation. Inflation is bad. There is nothing good about inflation. There was never any deflation until countries started cheating their economies. It isn’t borrowing from yourself if you never pay yourself back. Stimulus doesn’t last forever.

That photo at the top says a lot.

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You'll don't have to worry too much. When Trumpy-Frumpy starts that there war with Iran once those indictments hit his desk soon, and gasoline like becomes a real scarcity, (as Iran will have closed the straits by which 70% of the oil flows), well, heck, then we will have 80% inflation, and we can dance and dance and dance all night in celebration. What is the worry--it's the only outcome, you should know. Just a matter of time.

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I don’t understand any of this. Where is the deflation. Quality of goods is dropping and product weights and sizes are dropping. People are paying the same , but getting less.

Japanese quality is practically gone. Most things made in Japan have the quality and durability of the average IKEA products.

Uniqlo t shirts are very very low quality now. A few years ago they were great and would last many years.

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Nope, they aren't concerned about the population, just concerned how to keep their cushy positions and how to increase the "paper" in their wallets.

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With fresh food and energy stripped out, prices rose by even less -- just 0.4 percent. So the government removes the rising cost of essential goods. Hiding the fact that basic goods needed for a monicommon of survival are making up more than half of price rises? Now that's a government concerned about it's population?

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Unchanged? might be because over the last 5-6 years policy and policy makers have also been unchanged. If it goes up by 0.01% it's a huge validation of their actions or lack of. But if it falls it's completely due to external factors, not at all due to current policies.

Wage rises are as realistic as tomorrow being a Premium Friday.

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