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Japanese insurers struggle to pinpoint climate change cost estimates

By Leika Kihara and Takahiko Wada

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Climate change evaluation is quite reliable at predicting trends at big scales, but for insurance companies the devil is in the details, and there is no way to make predictions so elaborate, so far in the future, at the scale necessary for them to conduct their business. Specially because human action could still ameliorate a lot of the problems. They will have to bet with the available data and hope for the best.

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Calculating climate costs is no easy task even for Japanese insurers.

No, that’s an impossible task, also for insurers. lol

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Climate change evaluation is quite reliable at predicting trends

lol no it's not. Doomsters have been predicting the end of the the world and the human species due to climate change for decades. Remember: New york should be under water and the poles should be gone by now... according to the so reliable predictions.

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One thing is certain-insurance premiums go up, not down!

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1) Ask doomsters, preppers and similar loonies. They claim to know when and how.

2) ???

3) ???

4) Profit!!!!

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scenario analysis without clarity on how climate could change 50 years from now

Oh so according to insurers, there is uncertainty?

Didn’t they get the message that the science is settled and climate change is an existential threat?

Now I’m confused, should I trust these bean counters or the climate folks who claim earth is turning into Mars?

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