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Japan keeping close tabs on financial markets after collapse of U.S. lenders


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I am sure they are. As are all countries.

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That’s surely less stable than they think or promote. A few people on bank run here and there, then a media or news hype and some additional social network fakes and then it’s already there, the unstable situation and mass panic. That takes a few minutes or hours only in the worst case.

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Yeah banks! They owed me $50 took them 2.5 years to give it to me with about 50 cents interest, now if that were the other way around I prob would have lost my home thats all paid for. I hope they collapse but doubtfull.

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Friendly reminder that Japanese bank accounts are only insured up to 10 million yen per account. So don’t keep more than that as the government won’t return anything more if the bank fails.

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All this hate towards banks is totally unnecessary in the comments. They are a business and provide a service for a fee. Of course they had to make a profit if they decide to lend you money for whatever reason you need it for. Not to mention you profit from them by receiving the interest when you put money there. I never understood why people have hate toward something that has done a lot of good for society too. Modern society wouldn't able to reach where we are without banks. And anyone who tell you different is clearly ignorant. Lending, savings, credits, easy transfer, pension, safety keeping etc. People only try to see the downside but never acknowledge the good side.

And this whole fiasco started not because the banking system collapse, but due to people panicking, hysteria and do a bank run. No bank in the world has so much cash in hand when a bank run happen. But as a safety check, this is why there is the FDIC in the US. Or the DICJ in japan.

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Raising Interest rate to deflate is and OLD and OBSOLETE tool and should be SCRAPPED, Brazil, Turkey, India, Japan, and many more refused to raise the rates and kept things under control, yet The U.S. and England raised rates and look at where we are now.

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All this hate towards banks is totally unnecessary in the comments.

I hope you're being ironically comical. Banks and the greedy rich people who run them are what caused the financial disasters of 1929, 1992 (Japan) and 2008, and the most immense instances of wealth destruction in modern times.

2008 was the greatest fraud in history, and the only person to go to jail for it was a Ukrainian immigrant who tried to disclose damaging information to US regulators about Goldman Sachs.

At the time, the bankers used their government bail-out money to give themselves 7-digit bonuses as a reward for tanking the global financial system. Yep, a real meritocracy at work.

I could go on and on and on. But my typing fingers are tired already. The banks need to be nationalized, like they are in China, which - surprise, surprise - doesn't have financial crises.

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Most bank cannot give you 10 thousand dollars in cash,if you needed it,you would be given a certified check or cashiers check,I witness a bank run ,when Capital One shut their local branch , people were pulling their money out, because they did not want to travel 100 of miles to another Capital One branch,the bank was not broke,they decided not to do business locally Google Bank Certified Check

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Gotta love it when they try to question you about why you taking out your own money like they are part of an approval process or something.

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The issue is private banks verus public banks. State banks are stable. If the US were a meritocracy, like China's, you wouldn't have Biden in office. Even if you did, he'd be gone. Inflation, interest rates, bond values and bank collapses. He's not getting the job done with Ukraine or with Russia or with China. He's not getting the job done at home either.

The Chinese are the actual capitalists. They still happily sell everything to the US despite all those threats, insults, meddling and sanctions. It's the US who is the one imposing price caps and sanctions and economic tariffs. Who are the socialists here?

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Yeah I wanted to sarcastically joke about what I was using it for. but these days they will just seize your money and never give it back, especially for minorities.

your money is only yours if “they” choose to let you have and keep it.

If this bank wasn’t run by who it is, the answer would just be “sorry for your loss”

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According to those in the know, this latest episode of "American carnage" comes courtesy of Congress egged on by the usual suspects: 45 & co for their friends with "nice businesses". Another investigation "following the money" should be set up immediately to see if the 2018 Republican-led "hair-cut" given to the 2010 Dodd-Frank legislation in order to deregulate for smaller banks was motivated by corruption to benefit special interests. Given the public record, you can bet your bottom dollar that the collapse of the SVB is likely to be traced back to the "scalping" of Dodd-Frank by interested parties on the right that never "get tired of winning".

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your money is only yours if “they” choose to let you have and keep it.

By depositing money in a bank, you relinquish ownership in exchange for an IOU. Legally, the bank now ‘owns’ that money and you are but an unsecured creditor.

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I won't be surprised if MUFG and SMBC will be next. Japanese big banks have huge exposure to the American financial markets.

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@US reamer

It should be pointed out that SVB and some other banks had lobbied hard for that deregulation that exempted them from stress testing.

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The Federal reserve printed almost 170 billion dollars in currency last year,this is not enough too last 4 days, American cycle through 50 billion dollars a day in GDP

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It should be pointed out that SVB and some other banks had lobbied hard for that deregulation that exempted them from stress testing.

Of course ,they would, and did. But without Trump's "hair cut" to Dodd-Frank, rolling back regulations for his "friends with nice businesses" (45's words) all gleefully lobbied for by Republicans plus 17 Dems in Congress, this banking debacle would have been much less likely. The strict regulations imposed on bakers' behavior should never have been tampered with by that business moron.

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