Japan logs ¥1.98 tril current account surplus in May as exports rebound


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In other words, Japan Inc made a lot of money. Why is this news?

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We will see a lot of good news stories. All on the back end of very poor results last year. It doesn’t mean our economies are improving.

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Makes a fair share of about $150 per head… Where is it cashed out? lol

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Only the big companies are exporting and won't translate to improvement of the livelihood

of even the staffs of those big companies. Gasoline prices are high and still increasing, even if

the economy rebounds don't expect things to improve for us the plebs.

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The land of the part time job is what Japan has become.

No security, no prospects and no future!

Part time jobs now continually being lost and a 1000 yen an hour (maybe) if the worker is lucky to even have a job!

The majority aren’t feeling good…

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Nice to know, but meaningless for the average Sato.

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Odd that the Kyodo article stresses trade, when that surplus was tiny, barely a surplus. It seems the big winner was investments, turning in a much, much bigger surplus.

It doesn’t mean our economies are improving.

The numbers are balances, showing surpluses and deficits in trade and investment that Japan does with the rest of the world, so they do show relative improvements or declines, and Japan's overall balance is positive and consistently so.

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