Japan logs 1st trade surplus in nearly 3 years on cheap oil

By Elaine Kurtenbach

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The recovery in the U.S. economy, Japan’s biggest export market, also helped boost shipments of cars and machinery. Japan’s exports to the U.S. jumped 21% in March from the year before, while imports climbed 24%, leading to a surplus of 603 billion yen.

But let's dig our heels in on any concessions on agricultural products as aprt of TPP, so Japan could get an even bigger share of the world's largest economy in return. Completely stupid and short-sighted.

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@jerseyboy --

Who cares if the US is in an unfair trade situation (which I do not think it will be in, anyway) if Japan can benefit from this trade agreement?

As if those poor, innocent US multi-nationals are lambs awaiting slaughter by Japanese companies, anyway.

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Cue even more weakening of the yen.

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More devaluation. Good news if you're short on toilet paper.

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Please give me all that "toilet paper" that you have.

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All things being equal, the trade balance in surplus for a change suggests some of the negative bias for the yen is coming off (thank the heavens for the shale energy revolution in the US).

But with the BOJ monetary policy spigots still wide open, the government spending money like they think it is going to become worthless, along with pension funds moving into "risky" non-yen denominated assets, I suspect the yen might still weaken somewhat, but not because of the trade balance moving into surplus.

Please give me all that "toilet paper" that you have

So you can dump it yourself instead? Very clever!

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