Japan nuclear restart would hit oil importers hardest: survey

By Yiyuan Wang and Osamu Tsukimori

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No cost per kilowatt-hour mentioned for nuclear. How long is a piece of string?

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Twice the length of half of it. (Except in Japan.)

No mention of renewables, fracked gas or fire ice in the forecast.

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So with the expected cost of generating electricity to drop I guess we can all expect our power bills to drop, Yeah Right !

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@StormR It is my dream... but is only a dream.

In what country of this world thing that got priced up EVER go down? Utilities mainly, there are few goods that do get cheaper but in overall.... "Always up, never down, always few never more"

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While it's not a total solution to Japan's environmental and energy problems, a reduction of oil utilization would have three benefits:

Lower costs so utilities can make money. (Although I too would like my rates to decline, I try to base my analysis on reality...)

2) Reduced use of fossil fuels would decrease greenhouse gas emissions. (Although even dirtier coal would continue to be used. Ugh.)

3) Reduced demand would lead to reduced market prices for crude oil which would make sanctions on Putin and Iran bite harder.

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Recemtly, New Minister signed LNG deall with Alaska. She visited Fukushma, followinf Abe's comment that Nuclear plants ill be opened, etc and shifting peoples;e eyes away from this deal.

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It really breaks my heart, oil industry will not make so much money for the sake of the bottomless pit that the Nuclear will supply to the Japanese Tax payer.

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Japan nuclear restart would hit oil importers hardest

My heart bleeds for them.

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Why when I read this headline, do I feel that the writer is trying to drum up sympathy for the oil industry? They have raped the consumer enough and gouged enough profits for so long, that a small hiatus if Japan decides to turn the Nuclear plants back on won't hurt them very much. I must admit, I was surprised to see that coal was one of the major fuel sources that Japan has turned to in this time of need for cheap energy. I thought it was LNP all the way.

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The use of nuclear energy as a major source to meet power needs is inevitable around the world and if that leads to a decline in use of fossil fuel it should be considered a blessing in disguise for environmental protection!

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Umm... that's the idea... Oil imports are costing the govt. 10 billion yen a day.

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Start to come back to old ages with pollution to hit again. Soot from coal is worst.

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Ok so other than stating obvious effects on fuel imports which is how economic activity works, What is the point of the article?

How is starting nukes up, punishment? An odd word to use.

The article Looks like a rant But with No ideology to disparage or support. Mike bad or good? Coal bad or good? import bad,good pick a side author.

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My heart bleeds for them.

It should - that cost goes directly to you!

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I can't say I feel sorry for oil importers. Oil is costly, and its price fluctuates with market demand, and whatever the OPEC oligarchs feel like supplying.

Nuclear power is safe, and cost-effective, and is the most economically sound option right now.

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this is good news. next year i hope japan can start paying their debts and have an economic increase :)

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"Japan nuclear restart would hit oil importers hardest: survey."

No, the people living near the nuclear plants will be hit the hardest.

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