Japan orders diesel car emissions probe after VW scandal


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I wonder what happens to the owners of those 230 vehicles affected. Hopefully VW will provide a replacement vehicle because the Japanese government is sure to make a big deal out of it so we all know their serious about (emission) control.

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Will this mean more stringent tests for trucks? That would surely require stricter regulations. At present they seem much more lax than for cars.

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20 years ago Japan reported high incidents of diesel exhaust related disease especially alongside highways, and banned such NOX and particulate-emitting vehicles from Tokyo and Osaka. It seems they were way ahead of the game.

Back in Europe governments were actively pushing a new generation of 'clean' diesel cars, saying they would cut down on CO2 emissions. No mention of NOX back then.

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Not advocating for diesel cars but trucks and SHIPS are vastly ignored. Measures should be taken globally. Of course I'm not saying the standards for the cars should be ignored. And if necessary stop to use diesel cars as in Japan.

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20 years ago Japan reported high incidents of diesel exhaust related disease especially alongside highways, and banned such NOX and particulate-emitting vehicles from Tokyo and Osaka. It seems they were way ahead of the game.

Yet within spitting distance of even Tokyo City Hall you'll find plenty of stationary diesel trucks idling year round while their drivers rest.

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There are actually not that many diesel-powered automobiles in Japan to start with. Especially with the success of the original Toyota Prius from 1997, Japanese manufacturers are way more interested in gasoline-electric hybrids--note that the most popular version of the current Honda Fit uses a hybrid drivetrain. Indeed, Toyota has a large number of hybrid vehicle models sold in Japan from the Aqua (known as the Prius C in the USA) to the big Estima minivan.

I think the issue here for diesel vehicles is emission from commercial trucks, buses and diesel multiple unit (DMU) passenger trains. Given modern technology with diesel particulate filters (DPF) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR) by injecting urea fluid in aerosol form into the exhaust stream to break down NOx gases in addition to vastly improved fuel delivery systems, modern diesel vehicles in recent years in Japan are certainly cleaner than vehicles of as little as 15 years ago. I would not be surprised that DMU trains in Japan may be required to install at least better quality DPF's over the next several years.

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"The J-gov will do anything to keep European diesels out of Japan.

The new European diesel take the Hybrids for lunch when it comes to mileage.

And don't forget that diesel fuel is 30% cheaper in Japan.

Better mileage AND cheaper fuel. It's a no-brainer."

Yeah it’s a no brainer that diesel emit so much pollution and the effects of effective ban in japan on diesel cars could be seen in the air quality levels improving. Its measurable. Its not just co2 emissions you should be looking at – its all the other nasty stuff that emitting that bad for people health.

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People who are not following the issue or the auto industry do not seem to get it.

VW had great results on its emissions tests. As far as I know, they were the best. And nobody could really figure out how they did it. But other makers put up their diesel cars and rode on the wave of popularity of guilt free fast, high horsepower driving. Yippee. Of course no other maker was able to match the "zoomzoom" of VW cars, but they hung in there.

Now we know all that "zoomzoom" stuff is fake, and that a low-polluting diesel is a boring diesel. I have a feeling that no Japanese makers will get caught up in this scandal because they are all making boring diesels. It is possible that Mazda has become embroiled in it, for reasons I won't go into here, but maybe not.

The bigger picture is that diesel and hybrids, which use gas, have been competing against this EV ideal for the title of green car supremo. It looks as though diesel passenger vehicles are getting TKO'ed by this problem. Hybrids are going to win the day for the foreseeable future.

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Makes it a good time to head to a VW dealer to buy a diesel.

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Burning Bush

Don't think so. Toyota Aqua 87MPG vs 2015 VW Golf TDI 81.17MPG.

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Triring, but compare the size and performance specs of those two cars carefully. Aqua is a runt.

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VW may face bankruptcy as long as more and more people try to avoid diesels all over the world. Its VW's fate they made intentionally and knew it from the beginning.

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