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Japan plans stamp price hike for letters to 110 yen from 84 yen


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No, that's a 31% increase for letters and a 35% increase for postcards.

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Only domestic postage. If my memory serves me correctly, international postage charges increased in 2021.

I really miss what Japan Post's international mail service was like up until 2020. There used to be a lot more options for sending packages (like SAL, which 3 years after the pandemic they still haven't re-started) and the prices were so much more reasonable.

It really hits around the holidays when I'm trying to send presents home - used to be no big deal but now the shipping costs more than the thing I"m sending is worth......plus no more hand written addresses.....

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In what would be the first postage price rise in 30 years, excluding increases in line with consumption tax hikes

Only domestic postage. If my memory serves me correctly, international postage charges increased in 2021.

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I agree with your comment on international mail which has become a real pain in the butt. Only EMS to most places. Before going to the PO fill out a customs form, pay the money, and go.

EMS at the PO takes way too long. I now get them to come and collect which is better and quicker.

Sent an EMS parcel to my brother in Rome, 76 days later he's still waiting. The fault of Italian customs. They try to extract duties. Don't send gifts to Italy.

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That's a ridiculous increase. It should be incremental. 84 to 92, for instance. But, 84 to 110? A 26yen increase is 31%!!!! That's nuts.

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international postage charges increased in 2021.

Exactly. And small packages and other Yuupack services went up for the last couple of years as well. I'd be surprised if they don't rise the prices again next year.

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at my local post-office, it takes two people, sometimes three, to tackle the monumentally complex task of.... sending a letter. and they act as though they've never done it before. small wonder they're in the red.

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¥110 is still cheap. The increase adds ¥3900 per week to a business that posts 30 letters per day. A private person who send say 1 letter per week adds ¥1352 per year to their expenses. All businesses are allowed to make a profit and if this increase is how one business can stay afloat and employ thousands of people across Japan I am happy to contribute

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Gee, that hike seems pretty small. US stamps go up annually. It's annoying but not a bank breaker.

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The company's loss is expected to expand to 343.9 billion yen in fiscal 2028 without a rise in postage prices amid increased labor and fuel costs, ministry officials said.

Increased labor costs? Huh? When did ya'll get a raise?

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(old man emoji) I remember when 50 pence stamps cost 25 pence....

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There's an easy solution to all of these dissatisfaction with how things are in Japan

I believe the word is "Leave"

Not much of a solution for the millions of Japanese nationals dissatisfied with that 26 Yen postal rate increase, is it?

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It is a down spiral. Less mails,, less revenues, cost increase to offset, then even less mails…. a continuous down spiral.

Japan Post became private and has to make profits

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84 to 110. Do they just pull these numbers out of a hat?

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I'm still waiting for this government's plan to help with the price increase of most everything.

Japan Post has shot itself in the foot. With the fairly recent insurance scandal and most people using Amazon or Rakuten to buy things, JP is becoming obsolete. Not to mention it over burdens its employees every year around this time by delivering for free New Year's cards.

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Email and Line these days but there are always letters and forms that need posting.

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So many things are up 20 % to 30% over the past 2 years.

But officially inflation is up 6% over the same period and target is 2% per year!

Then the government and the BOJ will scratch their head wondering why consumption is so weak and do even more easing creating even more inflation and an ever more miserable life for your average Taro.

This is absurd.

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New Year card printing from a private print company costs 83 yen each with postage.

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Well, if the Japanese Post Office didn't make sending packages overseas, they probably have a higher revenue coming in.

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This is absurd as the major postal customer is the government which tax money pays. Perhaps it’s time for proper spending. Even in the USA public postal service was so expensive I believe usa government uses federal express now. Private sector will always find a more affordable option.

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Japan post is fast and trust worthy. However, international became a pain about 5 years ago. Since stopping SAL postage and the EMS form having to be completed on line, it's become to expensive and troublesome. I now use Yamato for international stuff. Can't avoid using JPost domestically.

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Gene Hennigh

Gee, that hike seems pretty small.

A 31% increase seems pretty small to you?

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In what would be the first postage price rise in 30 years, excluding increases in line with consumption tax hikes

This phrasing is weaselly enough as it is, but they don't mention that it only applies to standard-sized domestic letters. Seemingly everything elas has gone up significantly, including domestic postcards, which saw a massive 20% increase in addition to the consumption tax-based rises.

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¥110 for a letter?

That's it then. I'm not sending anymore letters.

Actually, I seem to have managed this for at least the last 25 years....

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...excluding increases in line with consumption tax hikes...

Wait just a doggone second. Postage stamps are subject to sales tax here? Seriously?? WTH???

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That’s 23% increase, but but but Kishida swore to me inflation is only 3.2%

Why would he lie to me!?

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That’s 23% increase

You need to change the batteries in your calculator.

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Good on the Japanese Government for keeping up with their acts of making life difficult and miserable for their citizens to a point where it becomes unbearable. Just supporting oneself is becoming so hard and it’s not brain science that many people in Japan these days don’t want to have children. It is simply too difficult to raise a family in Japan with the high cost of living and low salary. The pension is on the verge of collapsing. Just filling up the labor shortage through the so called “ trainee program “ by tricking other poor country people to work in Japan will not help save the Japanese people’s pension and lifestyle in anyway.

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I say blame the fax machine now, internet and texting the PO made millions because people mailed letters and post cards, now hardly anyone do that anymore.

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The ministry will solicit opinions from the public before revising the relevant ordinance, after which Japan Post Co will formally apply for the postage price changes.

And presumably the public will say "No thanks," but it will happen anyway. Performative consultation.

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Japan Post has shot itself in the foot. 

I agree. It has also started charging coin deposits on their ATMs and stopped issuing passbooks. Fine and dandy until there is a computer hitch. As a result I have moved my daily monetary use from the PO to MUFJ.

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Gotta agree with you, diagonalslip. But, don't try sending a small package or parcel overseas these days unless you have ample time to kill and the patience of Job.

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It is a down spiral. Less mails,, less revenues, cost increase to offset, then even less mails…. a continuous down spiral.

People now will consider more thoroughly before sending documents through postal mail, might just choose a bigger physical items that really need to be send. For documents just send it through e-mail or fax.

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Once again, everything’s going up except our wages!

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hey guys, we're in the red...

yeah, let's improve our efficiency

nah, better to price ourselves out of the market... (^_-)

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@Newgirlintown: Well....unless you work for the Government then that's up to you to go and get a pay rise!

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