Japan Post IPO's unstated aim: Shake up sleepy regional banks

By Emi Emoto and Taiga Uranaka

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The burning question is what will the new mascot look like?


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Get into fee businesses like selling mutual funds, will they... Opening an online account with an internet broker sounds like a better idea to me, but then I'm not an 88 year old living in the country side.

I got the run down on one of their "insurance" products some years back, and it was a total scam. Competitors offer far more attractive options.

I don't buy individual stocks, but if I did these offerings wouldn't be on my radar.

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In private the Bank of Japan and the FSA both have told me that there are too many banks in Japan.

Part of the idea behind this is to encourage mergers. As far as Japan Post goes though, given the nature of their customer base, I think it will be hard for them to expand much unless they want to start doing home loans, business and corporate loans etc.

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It's unstated aim is to raise money to try and pay off a bit of the deficit.

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In private the Bank of Japan and the FSA both have told me that there are too many banks in Japan.

I agree, down here in Okinawa, there is The Bank of the Ryuku's, Okinawa Bank, Kaiho Bank, Ryoukin, JA , Koza Shinkin, and Japan Post, that is 7 banks, not including the branch offices of mainland banks, and we only have a population of 1.4 million people.

THere are too many!

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Yub, 1.4 million people ? if half that number have a cap of ¥1Mil in their PO accounts that's ¥700Bil sitting there watching typhoons. Enough for Ryukyu to raise a small mercenary force of Okinawan and oust the bloody pesky bases

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