Japan Post may cut as many as 10,000 jobs: Nikkei


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Since many of these postal workers know their way around their respective neighborhoods/ zone of work, why not re-deploy them as couriers for essential items such as food / medicine delivery?

Japan Post should work out a deal with grocery / food industries / pharmacies. In times like these when more people are told to stay at home, they're going to rely on deliveries/couriers.

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I am sure they will be well taken care of and probably only the over 50 persons will be affected with 3-5 year payouts.

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The postal group needs to cut as many rank and file employees as possible in order for their shareholders to have a nicer cut of steak and smoke a finer brand of cigar because that is how privatization works. There, fixed it.

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Good idea Wesley. Think there would be more than enough demand in the home delivery business to take a slice of the action, especially among lots of oldies who trust them.

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JP tried to stiff it’s customers so here is the blowback...

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This is about JP's financial business, not the postmen and women making deliveries.

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They found a good excuse, to cut cost, pls expect excuses for non-delivery.

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