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Japan Post opens 1st directly run convenience store


Japan Post Network Co opened its first directly run convenience store JP Lawson at the Nihonbashi post office in central Tokyo Wednesday, in partnership with major industry player Lawson Inc. There are already convenience stores that offer services inside post offices, but JP Lawson is the first store under the direct management of Japan Post Network.

Japan Post Network Chairman Shigeo Kawa said the company will provide unique products at the new convenience store.

JP Lawson, a small-size outlet, offers regular convenience store items such as lunch boxes, beverages, magazines and daily goods, as well as post office character goods. The product lineup is one-fifth that of regular stores.

Japan Post Holdings Co, the parent of Japan Post Network, and Lawson formed a business tie-up in February this year.

Later in August, Japan Post Network will open directly operated convenience stores at five more post offices in the Tokyo metropolitan area.


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Will they sell Japanese souvenir postcards?

When I was in Tokyo Japan last year (my 1st & only visit there thus far) I had a difficult time finding postcards @ the post office, convenience stores, pharmacies etc. Luckily by accident I finally found postcards in an unlikely 'hole in the wall' store along some street near where I was staying.

But I sure expected it to be an easier & more pleasant errand than it turned out to be. I reasearched this re: Japan on the net prior to my going & was lead from what I read that postcards could be easily located @ the aforementioned stores, but I found this to be untrue.

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JP Lawson is the name of the new stores? I hope Cheapie Mart was in the running.

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this is so retarded. just because they have trillions of dollars in assets it doesnt mean they can open all sorts of businesses. They should provide additional services part of their core competency.

example, is there any online postage in Japan? WHy dont they get into the RFID business so mail can be processed faster. What about "same day" service? Freight. So many things they could do.

they might as well open massagi places too.

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Bad idea. It will create some more competition in between convenience stores. This is cost cut era. Tradional business housese don’t need to do different business.

Instead of running a convenience store, Japan Post should open a fast export facility for the small Japanese farmers, it may help to Japanese economy as well as agriculuter of Japan. Many small Japanese farmers don’t know how to export their product (10kg to 200kg).

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next they may run barber shops you never know.

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