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Japan Post, Rakuten tie up on digital delivery, cashless payments


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Rakuten is making a huge steep forward.

i should have bought some of their stocks.

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Rakuten is in deep financial trouble and needed fresh money. This cooperation will turn into a huge , expensive mess. And they will burn through the approx. 2,8 billion Usd ( including the tencent and wallmart money) within less than 6 months.

rakuten is bankrupting itself because of the megalomania of its ceo Mikitani and the inability to compete with amazon which he initially copied.

Rakuten mobile will fail as there are not enough real new accounts, they can not draw away enough users from the big 3 and they need to rent KDDI’s network. The only chance is to sell to KDDI and become an AU subbrand.

nearly all the international activities and investments are unsuccessful.

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@robert maes well, Rakuten's finances are a bit of a concern i'm willing to stick with Rakuten.

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@Robert maes i don't think Rakuten can be classified as an amazon copy. It was established almost around the same time.

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@Barto While I ain't completely disagreeing with @robert maesMar. 13  10:30 am JST, I think it's too early to say that Rakuten's investments are unsuccessful. I knew right from the very beginning that given the competition, Rakuten wouldn't be able to deliver on their promise right away, I'll be keeping a very close eye on Rakuten for the next 3 Quarters and then decide.

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I refuse to buy anything using Amazon. Ever, for any reason. Jeff Bezos treats his employees horribly. I use Rakuten to buy things from Japan that are not available in the US. I will be thrilled when Japan Post resumes shipping packages to the US with their excellent and low cost EMS. FedEx costs more than EMS and DHL is several times as expensive. Japan Post and Rakuten are a great team IMHO.

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Terrible customer experience and Japan Post are words that go well in the same sentence.

Amazon with its customer focus won’t be quaking in it boots.

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