Japan Post to probe more insurance contracts in sales scandal


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Anything can happen when it comes to a totally Japanese run company at the top, U are right.

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No problem...the management are a cabal of blue blood J- Inc boys and amakudari deadwood....nothing will come of this, a few fake bows and apologies , at the very worst case one or two golden if JP had a foreigner at the helm on the other hand..

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These Kampo women are more than aggressive. They are criminal predators in my mind. They are teh the red and WHite OreOre scammers.

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Not a day go by where there isn't some kind of financial products scandal somewhere in the world. Worse part is if they're caught, no one go to jail, which means we are all paying for their sins through higher fees. Take a look at their currency exchange fees on your credit card statement, absolutely immoral, $50 taxi fare, $10 currency fee. I'd much ratger the taxi driver got it.

I don't get it. They are already the highest paid anywhere, yet they seem to think it's not enough.

Even the legit earnings are like daylight robbery, all for being an intermediary, ie they don't produce anything.

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Nothing compared to Corruption at Airbus

I don't see how this is relevant, unless you're insinuating that JP Holdings were also bribing officials?

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Nothing compared to Corruption at Airbus

Airbus to pay around €1 billion in UK part of global bribery settlement

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I still don't see any of those fraudulent sales staff behind bars. Jail them and make an example. Continue with au and the other networks.

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As long as they make good on what was offered when I need it, I'm good.

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The father of my son's best HS friend worked for JP. He once sheepishly visited to press my wife to buy unneeded insurance. When I questioned him, he quickly apologized and left.

He's taken early retirement to atone, and our friendship endures. The question is, will JP?

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