Japan presses Singapore to ease restrictions on Fukushima imports


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I totally agree with Singapore on this one.

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If it was the other way round then Japan would have never agreed and would have given heaps of reasons for this... Singapore should stand firm on this decision as it has the right to protect its citizens from radiation tainted food!

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A couple of questions come to mind reading this:

Does Fukushima really produce enough food products that it needs to export them?

And does this mean that the domestic market is saturated with these products?

Or does it mean that there is no domestic demand due to radiation fears, so they want to foist these products on people abroad?

And couldn't Singapore just say "yes" but with the stipulation that all products be subject to rigorous testing and any elevated radiation levels found will be made public?

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Please check, from Japan side, if the labels on food are genuine and correct!

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Japan has not done enough for these people to get their lives back. It should have been a priority from day one -instead they just keep dragging it on. So now you have people and politicians begging for their cause.

If the farmland could not be used then it should have been changed over to other production (manufacturing etc). You do see this with solar developments in the area.

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The half life of Cesium 137 is 25 years- better to wait a little longer Singapore!

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