Japan prices rose sluggish 0.9% last year

By Kazuhiro NOGI

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Inflation is like a tax on the poor, one of the things I like here is that prices don't really rise as much. I go back home and am always shocked at how much the prices increase year after year.

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Good...suits 90% of general population just fine and once again points out Kuroda and those central bank and J govt bureaucrats with their unrealistic inflation tragets for the bubble living princes they are.

And fgs ....stop reprinting this idiotic drivel theory already ...

Low inflation -- or even deflation where prices are falling -- is considered bad for the economy as consumers put off purchases expecting cheaper goods in the future.

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The last thing I need is higher prices of anything.

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Madden makes quite a good point - there was an article on here about coca cola bottling basically apologising for raising the price on their coke and other drinks for the first time in 27 years -

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As long as employers refuse to give substantive wages, then inflation is gonna hurt, not help. Sadly, their business models formed under Japan's reforms stress minimizing labor costs to enhance returns to shareholders and other rich people.

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Inflation is low because wages are stagnant. People don't have money and the market responds accordingly.

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Nothing wrong with prices NOT going up at a "fast" rate. That does not determine the state of the economy nor does it determine the quality of the products or services. Interestingly inflation may be an indicator but not not necessarily a determining factor in the stability and productivity of the workplace and the workforce.

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This used to be the battle against deflation.  now it is the battle against weak inflation.  The daft economic trope that inflation is good for an economy is leading to destructive fiscal and monetary policies around the globe.  Here it has mortgaged the future.  around 1% inflation feels just fine to me.

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I wonder what's going to happen when the tax goes up? If less than 1% is sluggish what will 0.01% or less be described as? And not including food in the calculation is baffling as that's what everyone buys for a large proportion of the population almost exclusively. Don't need a new TV if just affording food is a priority.

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Been here for 16 years, and over the last few years I’ve seen both quality and service decline so prices can stay the same. The JR midnight highway bus we use have switched to 4 seats in a row instead of the usual 3 larger reclining seats so you can sleep. Cakes, donuts, a lot of other desserts and food are shrinking. We get my favorite cake once or twice a year, the raspberries have been replaced with blueberries, the dab of cream on top is gone, and it’s shrank both in diameter and height.

There should be a web site for this hidden inflation.

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Yay abenomics!!!!

Japans truly on borrowed time. India, Brazil, Russia, all on the tail. With decision making being done by dinosaurs, absolutely nothing is going to change

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"is considered bad for the economy as consumers put off purchases expecting cheaper goods in the future. This in turn stunts growth."

I am tired of this propaganda line. Who puts of buying food, medicine and other necessities (a large part of many peopleʻs spending) so they can wait for it to be cheaper the next year?

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The shops are going to take a hit with the new consumption tax increase, as everyone will be cutting back - an extra 2% doesn't seem much, but did your Salary go up after tax by that amount ? And remember, this is a flat rate tax across everything - no exceptions.

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As soon as the tax goes up I’ll be countering by asking my employers for a 2% raise-if it doesn’t come then I quit....

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My salary rose by less than 0.9%, leaving me worse off.

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