Ministries admit to padding employment rates of disabled


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Officials at the land and internal affairs ministries told Kyodo News that people without "disability certificates" may have been added to the calculations.

Starting at the "top" perhaps? Or at least that where they SHOULD be starting、and those folks are definitely "certifiable" the way they run things!

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Aahhh for the last 40 years this has been going on you say...

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"It is a big problem if the government has carried out the designation of people with disabilities arbitrarily," said Katsunori Fujii, the chief of the Japan Council on Disability. "If it has covered things up for over 40 years, it means the check-and-balance system was not functioning."

Everything's arbitrary, except where it benefits the old boy networks.

"This is a typical example of being easy on one's fellows while being hard on the private sector. It's outrageous."

Outrageous but not surprising. Who seriously believes anything the LDP or the bureaucracy says? It's just an endless parade of lies, corruption, fakery and fraud.

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Another case that underscores the stupidity of hiring quotas. If even the regulators can't make it work in their own offices after 40 years, its gotta be fatally flawed, regardless of how warm and fuzzy the policy makes some people feel.

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Another case that underscores the stupidity of hiring quotas

I don’t see that it casts judgement on hiring quotas one way or the other. Tr only thing I would declare about this is that it shows poor management of the program. The problem may very well lie where you declare, but this article doesn’t support or disprove that either way.

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TIJ. Par for the course, and nothing will be done about it.

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It appears everything here that they decide to investigate has a rotten core? It appears actually everything here needs constant investigation otherwise it lapses immediately back into the same routine. May have something to do with the maximum penalty being a wrist slap and a manadatory hip flex held for a count of three!

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The land and internal affairs ministries said Friday they may have padded their employment rates of people with disabilities,

when properly translated, may means definitely

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Let's stop calling this country Japan and start calling it, Magoo! "Oh, Magoo! You've done it again!"

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Figures fudged to form an illusion of competence? No! Never!

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"may have", "may have", "may have".... count them.... 「(°ヘ°)

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Nothing a deep 30 second bow won't fix.

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I see this subject matter much to demonstrate "clean" images of the govt. & lawmakers, "hard" interpretation to private companies to padding the disables the whole acceptance items. Japan authority should observe advanced countries where there are disabled workers doing their task without trouble with the other workers. The work shop that could be used for the disabled (barrier free) and some limitations on the manual. Japan is a very disciplined country but has lack of behaviors and bad attitudes, an atmosphere to treat the other co-worker as good partner. Most only obey what comes from the top. The cooperation/elaboration of the company+workers should have more clear ways from how to manage with the disables to basic instruction manual, to always accept next disables, where the govt. financially support this corporation, should be a duty for it. Workers to be more responsible how to treat the disabled person as same worker and chiefs/top executives to normalize the working system to every worker, can be a new comer or a disabled workers in the same condition, when that "clean" politicians really understand how things won't be easy to companies accomplish those tasks. When the govt. financial support is done, the company should also employ expert(s) for the disabled person go easily work with the other workers. Facilities only for disabled people I found not good for them because of no really socialized with not disabled, who are the majority workers.

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The 'everything in japan is honest, everything in japan is perfect, everything in japan has highest standard' facade is slowly and ever so gently coming apart. Popping the corn.

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Most things are based on declaration. So it is easy going when you start to be intouchable, because if caught you bow and get free pass again. No game over.

Anyway disabilities are scorned at instead of being treated as simple less competence in the world of work practices.

Maybe perhaps there is a chance one day things may change for the better for Japan.

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The same kind of problem exists all over the world where governments and leaders must justify by numbers and percentages their efforts in trying to meet "expectations" which are often inflated and idealistic to begin with. In the US, China, and in most other countries a simple change in a phrase describing a factor can include or exclude certain data. GNP and GDP is a good example. Just as the definition and inclusion of categories in what Unemployment data consists of.

Not a big deal here... the key is that the government and private industries are making an effort to "include" the handicapped within their workforce where applicable and practicable. In many cases the handicapped themselves are organizing to start businesses that suited for their needs and not relying on others to employ them.

To "expect" is a problem just as much as to pad or remove pertinent numbers in data. To expect indicates a "should" when in actual practice it is the "could" and "would" that determines the outcome.

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Both my spouse (as a licensed care giver) and I (as a language teacher) have worked with and are working with many handicapped individuals today. It is difficult for the employer as well as the handicapped individual to find the right work and working environment that meets both the company's existing workforce needs and the individual handicapped worker. It is difficult enough that the public "eye" and their "expectations" also affect the entire relationship. And the "eyes" and "expectations" of fellow workers can be just as demanding as that handicapped worker's work performance also affects their performance.

So such numbers and percentages set up may be a good goal or objective, but requires much effort to achieve. And "that" part is NOT the government, but what the workplace environment dictates.

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