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Japan quake helps GM profits soar in 2nd quarter


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Kinda sucks to win when your opponent doesn't show up to play. This mirage will fade.

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Well how else can "the heartbreak of America" sell more cars? There cars are using 1960s technology for the most part. Like what is the real difference between a 1965 corvette V-8 and a 2011 corvette V-8, not much. The only way they can sell this sodai gomi (garbage you have to pay to get rid ) is by appealing to their patriotism.

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That is very good news for everybody. To allow GM to fail would have beena disaster. It is not true that GM makes 1960's cars. Its technology is the latest and it has operations in many countries including Australia that make first class vehicles of world standard and they sell world wide. Obama gets attacked from the Republicans but would they have let GM fall? Perhaps they woud have! He made many correct decisions at th heart of the Global Financial crisis and the world stepped around a Depression. There is a way out of the problems that face most world economies and Australia is an example of this. It was facing being a basket case in 1991 but today has four of only nine AA rated banks worldwide, a mere 4.5% unemployment level, a strong economy and very little public debt, about 6% of GDP. The same vital policies it adopted in 1991 would steer all economies out of their woes and put them back on a steady safe course. You have to find the someone in Australia that knows what the strategy was. Only one man knows!

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"To allow GM to fail would have been a disaster"

Not for Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, VW...

The U.S. government should get out of the automotive business.

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