Japan qualifies Chrysler Jeep Cherokee for green tax break


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J.D Power ranking does little to inspire confidence. In fact Jeep are amongst the worst performers in the industry for quality, value and reliability

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The green-car tax incentive was always little more than yet another corporate welfare exercise. I guess it just became too ludicrous to exclude foreign models with equivalent "green" credentials. Expect more to be pushing for inclusion.

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$47K for a Jeep?!? Seriously? It'd better come standard with ALL upgrades possible (and at least 10 full tanks of gas provided by the dealership) - and even then the MSRP selling price is about $40K. I'd double check that fuel economy - 10.3k/Lt it sounds about right - if you're doing expressway driving at a consistent speed (achievable using the 4-banger, very doubtful if you'd get that with the V6 & towing package)'s definitely lower for inner city driving (constant starts & stops).

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Curious that there is no mention whatsoever of the fact that Chrysler is owned and controlled by the Italian company Fiat through a holding company Fiat Chrysler which has its headquarters in London. Even if the Jeeps are assembled in the US, Chrysler is longer all that much of an American company just as Nissan (controlled by Renault) is no longer completely a Japanese company.

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So the old gasoline versus renewables question has been solved. Luckily Japan doesn't have any narrow streets.

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10.3 kilometers a liter

meets the emissions and fuel-efficiency standards

That would be a good town driving figure,

but if that is highway figure then

what is a poor fuel-efficiency figure ?

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for you who adore both German cars, what we find they are not like other cars, audi and wm are not German, and were the most polluted in the world by cheating you and the whole world

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Another example of Japan's special affinity with nature?

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It's still one ugly vehicle...

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Weasel, I have a 2001 six cylinder 4+overdrive automatic Grand Cherokee that needs a serious tuneup, and mine gets 10k/L in those conditions you described. The problem is mostly in the transmission programming that makes it way too aggressive on the fuel and downshift under any torque. Obviously they threw in a few more gears like everyone else and fixed their algorithms.

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