Japan reports ¥1.91 tril current account surplus in July


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Thats good. But doesnt fix the budget deficit

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"The country has remained in the black for 85 months but the surplus level was still lower than that seen in July 2019 before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus."

And yet there is this "expert" who keeps on telling us Japan depends on Chinese tourism to survive!

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Thats good. But doesnt fix the budget deficit...

Japan's public debt doesn't need to be "fixed."

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These numbers were released by the Ministry of Finance, that the current account surplus increase was JPY 1,910.8 billion in July 2021 from JPY 1,535.3 billion the same month previous year. Check.

But the article didn't include the part that said that it missed market expectations of a surplus of JPY 2,300 billion.

1.91 T JPY versus an expectation of 2.30T JPY. That seems like a marked gap to me. 2021 numbers looked like Consensus was pretty close to the actuals. Until July.

Any thoughts?

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Primary income, which reflects returns on overseas investments

Sure as hell isn't domestic investments! Not with a 0.01% rate!

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Japan's public debt doesn't need to be "fixed."

Japan's debt is to itself. In other words, no real need to pay and no deadline to pay

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Any thoughts?

This article is from Kyodo and it's pretty common for Japanese financial journalists to ignore analysts' expectations (beats/misses) in data articles.

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@ JeffLee Today 12:20 pm

Thank you!

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fabricated numbers.

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1.91 Tril !???

Should be distributed equally to all the hard working people who made it happen in the first place. If kept then all these leaches will suck it all up till nothing left for the working class.

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The living standard of the average Japanese is going down; not up, yet they’re mountains of money everywhere

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And despite of that, we are not receiving any break in those callous taxes. Especially the useless City Tax, which can be more than 1 month gross salary, depending on your income.

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