Japan resumes U.S. beef exports after two-year halt


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US should just ban beef/ cows older than 24 months until Japan lifts it's bans on US beef. 81tons isn't much at all though, it comes out to a few hundred head of cattle, and maybe a few minutes worth of US consumption.

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Wow thats all we need. Just eat Australian beef

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Wow thats all we need. Just eat Australian beef

...Or maybe not.

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Thank you for that link, bass4funk. Interesting reading. Presumably samples of US and Aussie beef in Taiwan have been found to contain tiny amounts of "growth drugs", necessitating destruction of US beef. The Taiwan news article is dated and I can't say whether it is relevant to the topic or not. The issue seems to be about the different protocols Japan and the USA - and other countries - have in place to make sure their export/import requirements for beef are met.

If a reference to an article in the Chinapost is admitted on this forum, then equally non-offensive comments on that ought to be too, in my humble opinion. If that does not fly the reference should be deleted as well.

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