Electronics retailer Nojima bets on longevity as population shrinks

By Kiyoshi Takenaka

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"It really seems that the Japanese government (childless Abe & co) couldn't care a less about the ever shrinking and aging population in Japan."

The problem is more complex and less easily solved. The entire industrial developed world faces this problem. China's demographics are even scarier than Japan's. Singapore gets around their below replacement fertility rate by bringing in Chinese immigrants. Japan needs to consider immigration as a way to sustain its population, but Japan seems extremely resistant to immigration. Educated people living in expensive crowded cities tend not to have children. It's not a problem confined to Japan. It is a problem of long work hours, both spouses working full time to deal with high costs and crowded living conditions.

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When I will turn 70 our little boy will be 13, our late life surprise, so working past 70 is a foregone conclusion.

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Ah, let them work. Work organizes your life.

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Why set an age to force retiring. It should be only a contract between company and staff.

Problem in Japan is exploiting seniors because they cost less, don't have children to take care (mostly childless person) and with more experience.

Demography to be doomed though, until when ?

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It should be up to the person when they reach upper limits of age, as people age at different rates. Universities teachers and that dreaded 70 year mandatory expiration date.

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He has two jobs, and is a bit confused because his other job is in a レンタル family business.

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It really seems that the Japanese government (childless Abe & co) couldn't care a less about the ever shrinking and aging population in Japan.

They are only concerned with short term financial stimulus ( Go to campaign) and Abenomics (a failure).

There is no long term planning in Japan at all by the LDP to encourage people to start families.

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Work into my seventies?

I’ll be doing as little as possible at 70

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To me, a customer is like someone to whom I am marrying my daughter off


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