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Japan retains stake in Russia's Sakhalin 1 oil project


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Cool. We may not like Putin or Russian occupation of Ukraine, but the deal is still important and necessary for Japan's economy and energy needs.

Let's just hope one of Japan's allies doesn't blow it up. Referring particularly to the one led by a guy with serious dementia, apparently the "most popular President in history" of said country.

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Excellent and wise move Japan !!..

It is much more convenient to be a friend of Russia, Japan should look for its own interests and not please the interests of the US..

Learn from the foolish things Europe has done..

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RE: Japanese company receiving a 30 percent stake in a new Russian operator

Exxon Mobil Corp. of the United States, a major stakeholder in Sakhalin 1, announced its withdrawal from the project in March.

Does that mean that the Japanese conglomerate has picked up the Exon share of the project?

If so, it could be a bitter win in the long run.

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Will Japan's fellow G7 nations be okay with this?

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Of course Japan is keeping its energy supply. Japan is also helping Europe by sending Russian gas and oil by tankers at great cost so European nations don't have to pay Russia directly.

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Oil and gas flowing over the corpses of dead Ukrainians…

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Japan was already invested in Sakhalin before Ukraine. We need gas and oil.

The US/EU still buying some Russian products.

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Wise move !

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