Japan seeks to win Thai air defense radar contract

By Tim Kelly and Nobuhiro Kubo

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Try not to insult the locals and suggest they are inferior at building. That's how they lost the Australia sub deal, and their inability to negotiate how they lost the Indonesian rail project.

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Sorry Smith.

I am familiar with ithe high speed rail project.

The Japanese insisted on fiscal clarity in all aspects of the project.

The Indonesians said," Leave it to us", and the Japanese backed out leaving the Chinese to get the contract. Best thing that the Japanese could have done as the project required the resumption of thousands of land leases from poor people who had nothing but the land under their feet. The bumiputra (people of the soil)

The Chinese said " We will give you money for the project and land acquisition in stages." The first stage was for the land. The Indonesians realized that this would create a lot of ill will so they told the people who were losing thier land that the Chinese were forcing them to do it.

This created a huge backlash against the land aquisition and after one year the Indonesians had got hold of only 400 meters of land. The Indonesians then put their hand out for more money and the Chines baulked.

That where the project is today and it will not move forward from here. Lot's of info about this in The Economist magazine.

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It's interesting to see the simplistic comment get liked but the insightful one disliked!

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Lot's of info about this in The Economist magazine

Wasn't the economist bought out by a Japanese company last year ?

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