Shoppers queue, crash website for Uniqlo's washable masks


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All evidence points to masks not effective in stopping the "virus". I won't be caught dead wearing a mask , especially with summer coming on. It's our civil liberty to go with no mask. If we are required to wear a mask it's tyranny.

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I bought 3000 masks three years ago in preparation for this pandemic for 3000 yen...

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can't wait till they sell in usa

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I don't like those masks, they look uncomfortable and bulky.

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@ kurisupisu

Well, you are free to believe that so many are unemployed! But as the article suggests:

Prospects of a prolonged crisis have encouraged Japanese consumers to buy and make reusable, washable versions.

@ drlucifer

Initially, Yanai wasn't interested in jumping on the bandwagon to make masks. But because of repeated calls by consumers to make the masks using the same materials as the effective AIRism products, any company president isn't going to ignore the requests of his consumers who praises his products is he.

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Then GAP mask looks cooler, cheaper, and much more fashionable, comes in many colors and with football and baseball logos.

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I cut up and rearranged my OLD uniqlo underwear to make the same exact mask, and it looks awesome.

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All those unemployed Japanese waiting to buy masks-unbelievable!

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No thank you.

Yanai is laughing on the way to the bank, who cares whether it is effective shutting out the virus or not. What matters is whether the name is catchy.

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It is a matter of how effective, it definitely works just it is unknown how well it works; cause everyone disperses quite a fair bit of particles whenever they talk.

Think of it as herd prevention as opposed to herd immunity, if everyone plays a part the risks can be reduced overall. And like herd immunity the effectiveness drops significantly if mask wearing isn't being observed by everyone.

This doesn't work so well in western countries as culturally people don't like to be "controlled" or told what to do by the government cause it isn't "democratic" and is somehow of more importance than being logical.

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Isn't it true that these masks are not very effective for viruses and are more suited to protect against bacteria?

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Instead of wasting almost 500 million bucks on the stupid Abenomask fiasco, Shinzo should have just outsourced it to Uniqlo, it would have been cheaper, quicker and way more effective ( even with some shady Dentsu linked entity taking 20% as a middleman :-)

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My wife, her 2 friends and I arrived in front of the store in Tennoji at 9:15am, there were already about 300 people there waiting. At bang on 10am, the shopping center doors opened and everyone marched in an orderly line to the mask collection counters. We were limited to one packet of 3 masks per size (S, M. L), so we got one of each, marched to the self check out counters and were done by 10:12am. When we left the store, it was surprising to see the waiting line of at least 500 people continuing outside the shopping center.

The masks are a good fit around the face and feel comfortable so far, will have a better verdict at the end of the day.

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I want two packs.

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