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S Korea, Japan business leaders to boost cooperation

By Yuri Kageyama

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The political leaders as well as their economic and trade leaders are all behind restoring good SK/JPN relations. And the bunch who don't even realize that continued animosity hurts Soith Korea's security and economy keep making noise demanding apology after apology after apology. Which will not be forthcoming since all the apologies Japan has made over the decades have been rejected and denied. So what's the point? The anti-JPN crowd can move to NK or China where their efforts will be greatly apreciated.

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Business Japan and South Korea require political economic medium term stability.

First and foremost.

Both Governments need to find a short term compromise.

And a long term acceptance politically there is political and diplomatic hurdles to jump.

However it is not insurmountable with both governments accepting a modernist approach.

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Move forward. It is in the interest of both parties. Mutual security is paramount. Currently both nations are surrounded by potential adversaries. Buy JP/SK goods and services NOW, this should be the slogan for our two democratic nations. Support economic growth with cooperation and share a pint on Saint Patick's Day!

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What happens when current Korean Prime Minister is replaced at next election? So far they've only proven that everything promised gets scraped each time the top changes. Something to seriously think about.......

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Small, but it is a step forward.

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