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Bank of Japan sticks to ultra-loose monetary policy

By Hiroshi HIYAMA

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Not even next year, noet even in following years.

If ever Japan stop its ultra loose policy, Yen will climb and far less needed foreign revenues. With dwindling internal demand for the next decades and soaring social costs, what do you expect ?

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Japan imports more than it exports so why keep the yen artificially low?

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Hyperinflation vs asset bubble popping are the two options on the table. This is a repeat of what happened in the late 80's- early 90's. History doesn't always repeat but it sure does rhythm.

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Stop buying useless things, and then inflation means nothing.

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The Yen will soon have the buying power of the Mexican Peso at this rate.

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The Bank of Japan's decision to maintain its ultra-loose monetary policy reflects its ongoing commitment to stimulating economic growth and combating deflationary pressures in the country. This approach has been a central pillar of Japan's economic strategy for years, aimed at ensuring liquidity and supporting borrowing and investment to bolster the nation's economy

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Should have invested in Australia dollar. 6 months ago. It was 85 yen now its 96 yen. This has happen 2 time this year. The yen will settle at around 130 yen for 1 USD in 6 months.

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Stop buying useless things, and then inflation means nothing.

You mean we should only work and die, and in between only buy food, clothes, an accommodation and energy and that's it? What a boring useless life. BTW, if no one buys all those of your 'useless things', you'll face an unemployment and following crime , starvation and death rate never seen before. I even (partly) understand that concept in practice from former living under Soviet lead communism, so believe me, it hasn't worked then and won't work now in capitalism either.

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The Yen will soon have the buying power of the Mexican Peso at this rate.

At least not like Yen is unlike Zimbabwe Dollar


However just don't expect Japanese couple to have more children when prices goes up, JGovt know this.

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The policy makers in Japan are traumatized by its stagnated economy for three decades. In addition, legitimatizing or justifying Abenomics, even today, is on their mind. Consequently, they don't dear to give consideration to increasing the interest rate. I hope they are fully aware that hard landing from the burst bubble early 90's and the subsequent stagnation are caused by delays in the required policy changes.

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We are basically doomed.

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Working in Japan?

Prices up?

Salary static or dropping?

Yen down?

As a foreigner who wants to stay in the land of the falling yen?

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The cheap yen is a drag, but tightening policy you don't have to would be really dumb.

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Larr FlintToday  06:48 pm JST


Still repeating this totally meaningless mantra.

If you can sell your Yen then you already can.

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The Mexican Peso has appreciated 20% vs the USD from its lowest during the pandemic (when it fell about 10%). The two daily flights from Mexico City to Narita packed with Mexican tourists suggest the Yen is already below the Mexican Peso. Pick a different currency to make your point, maybe not from Latin America or Africa for a change.

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Actually,I got out of the yen a long time ago.

Larr’s ‘mantra’ should be repeated daily!

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Bank of Japan sticks to.........

Well, whatever you morons are doing, it's definitely NOT WORKING.

Do the exact opposite of whatever it is you idiots think you are accomplishing, and we can get back to some sane numbers. .

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@factchecker Check your facts alot of manufacturing is moving to Mexico and out of Chyna! Better buy some of those Pesos

The Yen will soon have the buying power of the Mexican Peso at this rate.

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They have 11 overly paid and underqualified clowns there pretending to discuss the monetary policy before just making another announcement that they'll keep pumping more free JPY to the market until BOJ is the defacto owner of the government and private sector of Japan. BOJ cannot change the policy now because the government is spending like there's no tomorrow all the while the debt to GDP ratio is way beyond 200%. If they started paying interest on any new borrowing, things will fall out of control very quickly. The businesses have no intention to invest to improve productivity so they can only benefit by effectively cutting the workers' salaries. Foreign companies will never invest in Japan unless they see a fire sale like the one we have for the last two years or so. Just sack these clowns and announce that BOJ will not raise interests for at least a generation and be done with the charade that's going on for a decade already.

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The Yen is now trading at 149 to the Dollar. Once it successfully breaches the psychologically important 150 level, just watch it sink. Everybody should keep all their funds in a US Dollar account or some foreign exchange account if they have any interest in their financial health.

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