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Telecom giant NTT to check suppliers for human rights abuses


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This is what uniqlo should do.

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""to root out unethical practices from its supply chains""

Yes, and start with DoCoMo first .

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While you're at it, please do something about the "black" companies within your own borders supplying goods and services for your company.

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The irony.

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A roundabout way of ending Chinese suppliers and paying three times as much for stuff from the US. Where black people get a rather rough deal, women are losing their abortion rights, homelessness is spiking, the universities are cancelling politically unpopular views, immigrants are herded back across the border like cattle and the government's determined attempt to extradite and imprison a whistleblower of government criminality (Assange) is coming to fruition. Apparently, Guantánamo Bay - America's torture camp - is still open.

Tricky things, ethical audits. I hope the NTT investigators will persuade America to sort itself out.

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Going by the normal trend a Q&A will be sent to the companies and that is it. It will be nothing but a company paid vacation for NTT staff sent abroad to investigate.

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I hope they will drop all tied with those human right abuse regimes in the Middle East.

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...and then keep on doing business as usual with them.

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@Tom Doley

Muji, not uniqlo. Uniqlo repeatedly did extensive inspections for human rights multiple times and did divert from suppliers violating human rights multiple times. It's just that Uniqlo isn't openly vocal about it to not cause disruptions in it's major markets outside Japan. Muji on the other hand isn't doing this.

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